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Dirty Talk: Not for Good Girls? Of Course It Is!

Is dirty talk the kind of thing bad girls do, or do good girls do it, too? From the time were are small, we are taught that dirty words are bad. That dirty talk might mean simply cursing when you stub your toe, or it might be as significant as saying something that is politically incorrect. Whatever the dirty talk, it is usually drilled into women that they should not say things like that, lest they be seen as unladylike.

As we get older, the message changes. Dirty talk is not allowed, but those who do it must be loose women, or those who have been around quite a bit. Dirty talk is something that has no place in a loving relationship, and so if you feel the need to excite your lover with dirty talk, you aren’t in a very good relationship to begin with. Myths like these have kept women silent for decades about the things they want and need from their sexual experience.

Make no mistake: Dirty talk is for everyone! If you were raised in a strict household where even the slightest curse word was cause for punishment, you might feel ashamed of your desires to talk dirty. Perhaps you had an experience of being taught that girls who used language that wasn’t ladylike were considered lesser than other women, perhaps even sluts or whores. Attitudes about sex are one of the things we pick up from our parents and our communities long before we are able to articulate the proper questions, and that can lead to a serious stunting of erotic and sensual growth. Is it any wonder that so many women have trouble with speaking up when they want hot dirty talk?

Overcome the myths of the dirty talk bad girl by turning to your partner and enjoying the dirty talk ideas you have with them. Be very honest about how it makes you feel. Are you nervous? Scared? Ashamed? Unsure? Tell your partner what you are thinking and articulate it all as best you can. Discuss ways to overcome the problems you have with dirty talk. A good, loving partner will embrace the chance to help you and you will start on a beautiful journey together. At the end, a good sex life and plenty of new fantasies is what you will find!

So don’t hesitate to jump into dirty talk with your partner — you will find a wealth of good reasons to come out of your shell!

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Confident, fun, well-rounded and sexy. Those are words that describe author Denise Brienne, a thirty-something woman who has a knack for giving the best advice to those who want to spice up their intimate relationships.

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  1. Everybody i know thinks i’m a goody 2 shoes when realy i’m popular with the guys, love to talk dirty and watch porn(: its normal and PS Yes I’m a girl!(:

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