Dirty Talk Is Just What The Doctor Ordered

Good HealthDid you know dirty talk is good for you? It’s true!

Talking dirty to your partner can increase your sexual satisfaction. By telling your lover exactly what feels good and describing in detail what you want him to do, you are sure to reach a higher level of sexual pleasure. The better the satisfaction, the more health benefits.

Sexual satisfaction equates to all sorts of good things. You get a good workout in the midst of lovemaking, especially when things get hot and heavy. Being in bed with your lover brings a sense of excitement, but it also brings a sense of comfort and peace — you’re with someone who cares about you, and in his presence, you can relax. The orgasm that your lover helps you reach will relax you even further.

In fact, orgasm does some great things all on its own. Other than the obvious, of course! It’s a surefire stress reliever, and we all know that reducing stress is key to living a longer, healthier life. It is also a pain reliever; when you orgasm, endorphins are released, which can cure anything from the little aches and pains to a migraine. In addition, sex with a few good orgasms has been proven to improve circulation, boost your immune system and put you in a much better mood.

Dirty talk leads to all this! When you tell your partner exactly what you want in bed, your chances of an orgasm increase. When you show your partner what you want, the chances go up even more. Dirty talk isn’t just a naughty addition to sex, it’s an essential communication!

Besides that, talking dirty to your partner brings you closer together. It gives you both a secret to keep away from the rest of the world. You might be entirely presentable in public, a perfectly modest picture, but your lover knows what a vixen you are in bed. No one else knows what he does! What would his friends think — or your boss, your coworkers, even your family — if they knew those naughty things that came out of your mouth last night?

The fun part of it is that they don’t know — but HE does. You’ve trusted your lover to hear you talk that way, and that gives you a deeper bond than what you had before you crawled between the sheets. That connection is good for your relationship!

The more content you are in your relationship, the better your health will be. Being with your lover will make you feel happier, will reduce stress and even bring more excitement to your life.

See how dirty talk is good for you? Why not try it out tonight and start reaping the benefits — especially those naughty ones — right away?

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