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Dirty Talk…in the Kitchen?

kitchen sexWhy does dirty talk have to be confined to the bedroom? You can start talking dirty long before you and your partner are between the sheets. Rev up your sex life with these dirty talking tips!

When you’re in the kitchen cooking dinner, make every movement a sexual game. When you stir the pasta, swirl your hips along with it. When you pick up a cucumber to slice it for the salad, stroke it a few times with your hand while murmuring to your partner how “thick” and “hard” it feels.

Give your partner a come-hither grin. You’re being obvious, and he knows it — but what fun!

When you bite into a piece of fruit, make a point of telling your partner how “juicy” and “rich” and “succulent” it is. As you talk throughout dinner, use words like “hot” and “spicy” and “satisfying.” Your partner will eventually catch on to what you’re doing. You can use those same words in the bedroom later, when you’re whispering dirty talk into his ear.

Talking dirty doesn’t have to start in the bedroom. What other innuendos can you think of to get his motor roaring?

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