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Dirty Talk in Public: How to Get It On In Front of Everyone

get it on in publicDirty talk in public is not only possible, it’s hot as hell when the circumstances are right. Talking dirty to your partner doesn’t always have to happen in the privacy of your own home, or even in your own bedroom – you can turn the dirty talk up a notch by offering sexy words when you’re right in the middle of the mall, the grocery store, the park, or even the family reunion.

How does dirty talk in public work? It’s simple: you try to get each other as hot and horny as possible while not letting anyone else know what you’re doing. It’s a game that gets harder or easier, depending upon where it is played. For example, talking dirty while you are grinding on the dance floor is not exactly a difficult thing, because most of those around you are doing the same thing, and no one would be surprised to hear you tell your partner how badly you want them right there, right on the floor. But other public places are more family-friendly, and could result in more serious consequences if someone heard your naughty intentions!

So the next time you are in that very public place and want to say something very private, consider these ideas:

Say it in a song. At the mall? Duck into the record store and choose a raunchy song for your partner to listen to through the headphones. The naughtier, the better. Tell them you want to do all those things to them and watch their body react, even though they try to fight it for the sake of decorum.

Turn to innuendo. Make a point of double meanings. At the restaurant, eat your food in the sexiest way you can. At the candy store, opt for a long, thick lollipop to suck on like it’s a dick. Make comments that can be taken in all sorts of ways. You might get a few funny looks, but they don’t know if you were REALLY talking dirty, do they?

Write a note. Keep a small stack of post-it notes in the car when you go out. Slip a few into your pocket before you get out of the car and go into that dinner party, along with a tiny golf pencil. In the mood for some raunchy dirty talk? Write it on the post-it note and discreetly press it into your lover’s hand. Watch their reaction!

Make it short. Your dirty talk doesn’t have to be hardcore or impressive. Simply leaning over and whispering “I want you” into your lover’s ear is a fantastic start. It’s probably out of place in the social setting you’re in at the moment, and it makes them think thoughts that are definitely not kosher to discuss around the family dinner table. Keep your dirty talk to simple phrases and keep it up throughout the night to get the best “outcome” possible!

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