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Dirty Talk He Will Cherish? Yes!

The whole world is wired together via the Internet these days, and that means your lover probably is, too. You can take advantage of that fact by sending him lots of dirty thoughts via email!

But we’re not talking about your average dirty talk messages, where you do your best to trip his trigger within just a few words. No, we’re talking about something entirely different – something your lover will not only get turned on about, but something he just might cherish for years.

Give your partner the ultimate dirty talk gift by starting an erotic story via email. Give him a little bit at a time…even a single paragraph a day will do wonders. Imagine how thrilled he will be to open up his email every morning and find another naughty missive from you!

Start your story with a simple note telling him of your intentions. Every day you will add a new paragraph or section to the story, and he has to read them all in order. One installment every day, and no peeking by asking you what comes next!

Tailor the story so that he knows the characters reflect the two of you! Throw in all his hottest fantasies and a few of yours, too. Use things that both of you know, such as an item you gave him as a gift, or a certain place you both love, or even references to the first time you had sex.

As you go forward with the story, make it hotter and spicier. In the beginning it’s good to keep it very low-key, so that you have plenty of room to build up the momentum and the dirty talk. By the time you’re in the midst of the story, the sex scenes you write should be as hot as you can make them, with plenty of naughty words sprinkled in.

If you are looking for some inspiration and a list of phrases that might make him blush, check out the “101 Lists” on this site. You will find lots of good and naughty ideas to use throughout your story.

Finally, when the story is complete, print it all out – and read it to him out loud. He will be thrilled that you took the time to write a story in installments, one that is tailored just for him. You will be thrilled by his reaction when you finally get to the end!

It’s a naughty way to hone your dirty talk skills and a great way to show your lover just how much he means to you.

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