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Dirty Talk: From Romantic To Hardcore

So you’ve found yourself a great guy, but there’s one problem: He’s a romantic dirty talker. You know the type: They are hellbent on never offending you in bed, and they would be happy with classical music, rose petals, and soft lovemaking every time you get naked.

How can you convert the romantic dirty talker into the hardcore dirty talker? It can be done! Before you scream with frustration, try these tips to bring out the beast in your Fabio:

Lead him gently into dirty talk. Start out by saying the soft, sensual things you know he wants to hear. But as the action heats up, let your dirty talk heat up, too. He will probably take the hint and say things a bit more raunchy, but then again, he might ignore what you’ve said and continue on his romantic path. If that happens, try it again the next time…and the next time…and then…

Turn it up a notch. If he still hasn’t caught the hint, invite him to watch a soft porn film with you. Often these films will be a bit less raunchy, and will use softer language. Watch it beforehand so you know you won’t shock him with the content, and then snuggle in to watch the show. Make a point of moaning and squirming when the good dirty talk starts. Your body language will make things clear. But if it doesn’t…

Try something different. Tell your lover you want to try something new and different, and ask if he’s game. Then, tie him to the bed. Blindfold him if you think that will drop his inhibitions even further. While you ravish his body, talk dirty to him in a way that turns you on but doesn’t push his boundaries too far. Use coarse language, but save the hardcore fantasies for another day. This is meant to ease him into it. When you’re done and he’s basking in the afterglow, ask him how he liked the naughty side of you?

Have a frank, honest talk. If subtlety doesn’t work — and it probably won’t — it’s time to have a sit-down discussion about what you need. Your lover might be surprised to see that he has missed every sign you gave him, and will welcome the chance to step things up a notch. But if he’s appalled that a lady like you would dare to think hardcore dirty talk was sexy, then you might have to — sadly — go your separate ways. Be prepared for either situation when you do sit down to have “the talk” and hope for the best!

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