How to Talk Dirty to Guys

So you aren't sure how to talk dirty to guys? It's actually easier than you might think. You've probably heard that guys are easy to begin with -- whether that's true or not depends on the guy, of course, but it's a safe bet that all guys can be turned on quickly with the right kind of dirty talk. The key is in finding out what kind of dirty talk your guy likes! Soft … [Read more...]

The Best How to Talk Dirty Example Ever!

Want to know the best talk dirty example ever? Are you looking for the ultimate secret to talking dirty to your man? The ultimate secret is one that takes time and patience to learn, one that requires study, preparation, and an open mind. Get on the road to learning that ultimate secret with the best how to talk dirty example anywhere! To start out talking dirty to your … [Read more...]

Examples on How to Talk Dirty to Your Man

Are you tongue-tied when your man asks you to talk dirty to him? How to talk dirty to your man is one of those age-old questions that has a different answer for everyone. Here are some examples on how to talk dirty to your man that will get you on the right track. Know His Desires. Knowing what your man wants is the first step in how to talk dirty to your man. … [Read more...]

Examples on How to Talk Dirty

When it comes to talking dirty, sometimes you just don't know where to start. It's a common problem for everyone, whether they have been talking dirty for years or never uttered a single dirty word in their lives. This primer will give you a few tips on where to begin. Project Confidence. Good dirty talk is all about confidence. Maybe you don't know how to talk dirty - … [Read more...]

Dirty Talk Outside the Bedroom

Okay, so maybe you know how to talk dirty. Maybe you've said many a naughty thing in your lifetime. But talking about dirty sex is quite a different matter! Do you know how to talk about the kinkiest, sexiest things the imagination has to offer? The dirtiest, kinkiest sex can be the hardest to discuss when you're talking dirty, simply because it's so hard-core. Working … [Read more...]

How to Talk Dirty to Boys at the Club

You know the feeling of seeing a boy that you really want, a man who just sets your heart on fire, and you want to be with him so badly, you can almost taste his cologne. A man like that is enough to make a girl want to talk dirty! Talking dirty to a man at the club is easier than you might think. It’s not all about the words you use, but about how you present them. … [Read more...]

How to Talk Dirty to a Perfect Stranger

Sometimes, you just get in the mood to talk dirty to someone, whether it’s that guy sitting at the bar or that girl dancing at the club. But you don’t quite know how to approach them! How can you just walk up to someone and say that you’re horny, and you want someone to talk dirty with? Do you just walk up to them and tell them how much they turn you on? … [Read more...]

Bring Him Out Of His Shell With These Dirty Talk Examples

Do you have a man who is shy in bed? Is your lover the strong and silent type who doesn’t want to say much of anything during sex? Maybe he moans and groans a bit, or perhaps he says your name, but dirty words never cross his lips? That’s the kind of man who needs a little coaxing into the naughty world of dirty talk! These dirty talk examples might help. … [Read more...]

Dirty Talk Like a Porn Star And Show Your Partner Who’s Boss!

Dirty talk is one way to bring your sex life from drab to fab. If you’re unconvinced that it actually works or makes a difference because you’re someone who likes to refrain from speaking during sex, you’ll have to actually try it in order to fully understand its power. Believe me, it’s there, you just have to get past the “this is so awkward and sounds so ridiculous” … [Read more...]

Things Men Want to Hear in Bed

There are a slew things men want to hear in bed. It could be one word over and over chanted in passion. It could be hostile demand. It could be a pleading  request. Of course there’s always God. Or maybe just your name. Or, someone else’s name. … [Read more...]

Try These Great Dirty Talk Phrases On Your Lover Tonight!

Mmmm…Yummy dirty talk! Dirty talk phrases are usually enough to get me hotter than fire – how about you? If you’re looking for dirty talk phrases that will turn your lover on beyond belief, I’ve got some tips that will make your words a hit. Don’t just talk dirty to the one you lust after. Talk dirty and make a scene at the same time! Are you wearing a sexy little dress … [Read more...]