12 Sexy Truth Or Dare Questions To Spice Things Up

Remember that old game of truth or dare? You would ask someone to reveal a deep inner truth - if they didn't want to do that, they had to take the dare. The older the players got, the more decidedly intimate the questions were, and the spicier the dares became. Many a stupid stunt was completed during a game or truth or dare, but by the same token, many sexy feelings were … [Read more...]

Which Style Fits You?

Talking dirty might seem to come naturally, but here's the surprise - it can actually take a lot of work! What comes to mind immediately can eventually become dull, and the point of talking dirty is to spice things up. So let's look at a few off-beat how to talk dirty examples and see which ones fit your love life: The Flirtatious Vixen. Don't come right out and say the … [Read more...]

Hotter Than Hot Dirty Talk Examples

Just when you think things can't get any hotter…surprise! It can! No matter how skilled you are at the art of dirty talk, there is always room for improvement. And though your lover might like the words you use to trip his trigger, there are ways to change up those words and create something even more intense. Does your lover like to hear you use the word "cock"? There … [Read more...]

What If Your Man Is Shy?

Can you imagine a man who is shy to talk dirty? You just might be surprised! There are many men out there who are shy to talk dirty for one reason or another. Perhaps they don't have much experience with it, or perhaps they had a previous lover who preferred them to be quiet. They might be holding back because they are waiting to see what you have to say about the dirty … [Read more...]

How To Be A Naughty Girl!

Do you want to know how to be a naughty girl? Are you a woman who has always wanted to talk dirty to your partner but you've never quite known what to say? It might make you feel better to know that you're not alone! Many women can envision the entire sexual encounter in their heads, and they can even imagine what they would say to make things even hotter -- but when the … [Read more...]

How To Talk Dirty…In Public!

Talking dirty in public is one of the hottest things you can do for your partner. Why? When you're in a public place, society demands that you project a certain air of decorum. There are certain things that most people believe should never be done or said in public - that's why you can get arrested for public sex or indecent exposure. When you talk dirty in public, you … [Read more...]

Easing Into Dirty Talk The Right Way

Easing into anything new is the best way to make sure you're going to enjoy it. Dirty talk is no different! You can ease into dirty talk by asking yourself some specific questions and then answering them in the heat of the moment. How do you do that, you ask? It's simple. Let me show you how. When you're in bed with your partner, ask yourself what you like about him. … [Read more...]

Dirty Talking In Different Locations

If you haven't noticed by now, my husband and I are into dirty talk! It's one of those things that is absolutely necessary to keep things spicy and hot in the bedroom. We've tried making love with no words, and it's impossible. We just love to hear those naughty words that come out in the heat of passion! But did you know the same old dirty talk can be brand new if you … [Read more...]

Tell Me How To Talk Dirty To My Boyfriend

Learning how to talk dirty to your boyfriend can be easy if you know which triggers to press. What turns him on? What does he like in bed? What does he fantasize about? Being able to talk dirty to your boyfriend can be hot if you tap into those fantasies and spin a naughty tale for him with your words. Start out by telling him what you think when you’re in bed. Use … [Read more...]

Dirty Talk in Public: How to Get It On In Front of Everyone

Dirty talk in public is not only possible, it's hot as hell when the circumstances are right. Talking dirty to your partner doesn't always have to happen in the privacy of your own home, or even in your own bedroom - you can turn the dirty talk up a notch by offering sexy words when you're right in the middle of the mall, the grocery store, the park, or even the family … [Read more...]

Want to Turn Him On? Steam Up His Inbox!

Everybody uses email these days, don't they? It's easier than picking up the phone, and it's almost as immediate. In the early days of email, it was the domain of big business and networks. It quickly became a more personal way of communication, and that's good news for hot and horny couples! Want to turn him on when he's not around? Steam up his inbox! Sending out … [Read more...]