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Dirty Talk Danger: When You Sext The Wrong Person!

You know how embarrassing it can be when you dial the wrong number and hear a strange voice on the other end of the line. Sometimes you stammer your way through the “I’m sorry” before you hang up, and then you wonder how you could have made such a mistake in the first place. Now, imagine that same kind of embarrassment, only multiplied by hundreds — because you just sent a sexy text message to the wrong person!

What can you do when you make the ultimate in texting flubs?

First, apologize immediately. Send a simple “I’m so sorry for that last text” to the person who received the text. If it was a friend, you can make a joke about it and then you can both blow it off as though it were nothing — which, among friends, it really was nothing. You might get some good-natured ribbing, but you can handle that, right?

If the text was sent to someone who might be angered by it, such as an ex or even your mother, the apology needs to go a bit further. Send the apology and then follow it up with a phone call explaining yourself. You don’t have to tell them who it was for or what you are doing with your text time, but you do need to apologize for the fact that you sent the text without paying much attention to who would receive it.

If the text goes to a professional contact, then you have a much bigger problem. After all, your mother might be offended by your behavior, but she will forgive you. Your boss, on the other hand, doesn’t have to forgive you. In fact, your boss holds quite a bit of power over you, and so do your colleagues and clients. So when you apologize to them, make it very formal and clear. “Last night I sent a text that mistakenly went to your number. There is no excuse for this. My private time should be kept private, and I deeply apologize that for that brief moment, it was not as private as it should have been. I hope this incident does not undermine your faith in my abilities, and I assure you, it will never happen again.”

If you happened to send a picture with the text, then the situation gets even stickier. This is one that you will have to handle one-on-one, behind closed doors, and hash it out between the two of you. Nothing screams “sexual harrassment” like sending a sexy picture to a coworker or boss, no matter what the circumstances were. This requires serious and immediate damage control!

Avoid the sexting problem in the future by making absolutely certain that your text is going to one person, and one person only. Double-check the name you are sending to, and then double-check again, just in case. After you have sent your texts, look over the sent files at the end of the day to make certain everything went where it was supposed to go. And if in doubt, don’t send a text — pick up the phone and call instead!

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