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Dirty Talk By Association

The words you use when you’re talking dirty matter. But how many times have you seen a loving couple glance at each other when something totally benign was said? That glance was charged with passion and they blushed, or looked naughty, and smiled at each other with a secret that nobody else could possibly know.

It’s one of the best-kept secrets of dirty talk, and it’s the last thing you would expect!

Couples eventually develop their own language. A loving couple who has been together for years can anticipate each other’s needs in a way that seems astounding to those on the outside of their little exclusive circle, but for them, it’s just a way of life.

She can tell by the tone of his voice what he’s going to do next; he can tell by the way she flips her hair that she’s entirely bored with this conversation and wants him to get her out of it as soon as possible. Those are the couples who seem to always be in sync, and they never have to question what the other is thinking.

Dirty talk can be the same way.

When you and your lover have a dirty talk secret, it’s something unique to only the two of you. Perhaps you and your love smile quietly at each other when you hear the number “3” – and only the two of you know that the number takes you back to the day when you were both too horny to wait, and you wound up pulling over at the side of the road to make love.

Where did you pull over? You guessed it – Mile Marker 3.

You can speak volumes of dirty talk without saying much at all. If you and your partner have worked to cultivate those little secrets between the two of you, the most innocent comment at the next dinner party will send a rush of sexual desire into your every pore.

Do you and your lover have a secret word? Now is the time to come up with one! If you have great sex on the kitchen table tomorrow night, make a point of knocking that bowl of apples over. When he helps you pick them up afterward, take a bite of one and offer it to him with a naughty grin. “How ’bout them apples, baby?”

The next time you pass apples in the grocery store, hold one up and give him a wink. That’s all it takes – you’ve established a secret code between the two of you that will give you lots of public fun!

Think about it. What dirty talk word do you have with your partner that you never considered a dirty talk phrase? I’m willing to bet it’s a good one!

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