Dirty Talk And Spanking

If you’re into dirty talk, chances are you’re open-minded. That means you just might be into other things…such as a little spanking, maybe?

Extra 2Many couples enjoy spanking. They love the sensation of warmth. They like the taboo feeling of doing something that their neighbors or coworkers might think they would never try. They enjoy the “submission quality” of the act, the fact that someone in the relationship has to give up a little bit of control to the other, and in doing so, both of the lovers receive pleasure.

But what does spanking have to do with dirty talk? Plenty!

A good spanking session wouldn’t be complete without some naughty talk to go along with the action. Here are some ideas for what to say when you’re caressing your lover’s buttocks with your hand — or your whip, or your paddle, or anything else you fancy:

Look at you! All open and ready for me, you naughty thing.

Count as I spank you. Tell me how many you deserve.

Bet your cock is hard now, isn’t it?

Does your pussy get wetter with every spank? I think it does!

Tell me you want it. Say it.

If you’re a good boy and take your spanking like a man, I just might fuck you when I’m done.

Does that hurt? You like it when it hurts, don’t you?

Are you going to come when I spank you?

Go ahead and come. I’ll punish you by spanking you another ten times.

When you’re spanking your partner, taunting them is usually a turn-on. For example, reminding them of why they are being spanked — perhaps because she’s been a ‘bad girl who likes to tease’ or simply because he ‘likes it like a real man should’ — keeps the tension high and makes them wonder what comes next. Spanking as a part of role playing is often hot, and if often paired with bondage or a dominant/submissive situation.

This is just a brief overview, the tip of the spanking iceberg! What spanking fantasies do you and your partner have? What kind of dirty talk would go along with them? Share your ideas and experiences with us!

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