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Dirty Talk And Sex Toys

Okay, so you know how to talk dirty to your partner. And you know how to use sex toys. But did you know that using sex toys and dirty talk at the same time can make your lovemaking feel like an exotic adventure?

Role playing is acting out a naughty play of sorts, where you and your lover take a certain role and stay in character throughout your sexual encounter. Role playing can be greatly enhanced by the use of dirty talk, and it can be an even bigger thrill when sex toys are brought into the picture! Talking dirty to your partner about what you want to do is one thing, but using sex toys and words to show your partner what you want can be so much better!

For example: Let’s say you are a woman who has always had a fantasy of being with multiple men. Maybe this is something you would never feel comfortable doing in “real life.” But with a few well-placed words and a few sex toys, you could make it a realistic fantasy that will satisfy your sexual craving! Start by getting a sex toy of your choice, preferably a dildo or some other toy that feels and looks like a man’s penis.

Tease and taunt your lover with your fantasy, and then bring out the toy. Tell him that you could never really be with more than one man, but you love the thought of it, and invite him to help you make that fantasy as close to the “reality” as possible. Use the dildo, and all the while keep up the stream of dirty talk. Tell your partner exactly what the “other man” feels like. Ask him if he likes what he sees. Get him into the act by asking him to describe what he wants the other man to do to you. Then, invite him to join in with the fun in some way, so it really does feel like you have two men in bed with you!

By using toys and dirty talk, you have just fulfilled your fantasy – but you haven’t done anything that you would feel guilty about in the morning! Dirty talk can go a long way in the fantasy world, but toys can go just as far – and the combination of the two is bound to get both of you revved up to try out even more fantasies.

Dirty talk and sex toys. What a fantastic naughty combination!


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