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Have You Tried These Dirty Role-Playing Games?

Dirty talk and role playing go hand-in-hand. Talking to your lover about your fantasies, especially during the heat of passion, can make those desires feel so real, you can almost feel the bodies and taste the sweat.

But sometimes role-playing games in the bedroom can get stale. Here are a few suggestions on role-playing games you might not have considered. Try them out and see if they liven up your sex life even more!

Hooker and John. Put on your sexiest dress and go to a classy bar in the next town over. Arrange for your lover to meet you that night, and pretend you are strangers. He will try his best to pick you up, and you will be coy while trying to negotiate a price. Finally, take him back to the hotel room, take his money, and do what you agreed to do. You can get into the hooker’s role and he will enjoy the “power” that comes with demanding sex for his hard-earned money.

Married People Cheating. Though you might not ever cheat in real life, why not make it into a role playing game? Meet at a bar or club, pretend you don’t know each other, and proceed to create a whole persona based on what you can imagine your life would be like if you were married to someone else. When you get back to the hotel room, stay in character, saying things like “my husband would die if he found out about this” or “I’ve never done it like this before!”

Pick Up Someone Else. If your partner loves to think about seeing you with other people, give him a show. Take him to a bar, tell him to park his butt on a stool, and let him watch while you work the most handsome guy in the place. You don’t have to go home with the fellow – just let your lover get the sense that you might, and let him watch you flirt to your heart’s content. The sex that night will be firecracker hot!

The Repairman. Call your “repairman” to come fix something in the house – and when he gets there, meet him in clothing that reveals just a little too much. Chat him up while he works and tell him all about how you would love to fuck a stranger – just once. Your repairman might resist at first, but once you get him talked into it, you’re just a few words away from having sex right there on the kitchen floor. Try it and see how much you like it!

The Wealthy Couple. Invest in a picnic basket filled with champagne, finger foods and decadent chocolates. Rent a car for the day, something ultra nice and classy, preferably a convertible sports car. Drive around town with your sunglasses on and pretend you’re wealthy stars for the day. Lay out a picnic in a secluded spot and indulge in your treats, then make love in the backseat of that gorgeous car before you turn it back into the rental lot. A little bit of fantasy goes a long, long way!

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