Dirty Fantasies = Dirty Talk

Talking dirty to your partner doesn’t have to be confined to what you do in the bedroom. Let your imagination run wild! If your partner is open-minded when it comes to your fantasies, share those with him — in the raunchiest words possible.

Have you always wanted to have a threesome, but you’re too shy to do it for real? Maybe you want to be a voyeur and watch another couple do the deed. Talk to your partner about it, and let your fantasy be your guide!

When you and your lover are in bed together, mention your fantasy. Begin to act it out in words, and ask him to help you. Close your eyes and go with the flow of the images in your head. Suggest scenarios and ask him to follow along. For instance, in your voyeurism fantasy, perhaps ask: “Look, honey…see what he’s doing to her? She likes it, doesn’t she?” couple-fantasies

Your dirty talk is now focused on the characters in your head, which takes the pressure of “performing” off of you. That lets the words come more naturally, and gives you the chance to “act out” your fantasy at the same time!

If you want to spice it up even more, add toys to the mix. You might not want to engage in a real threesome. But if you have your partner, a sleek little vibrator, and lots of imagination, you can make it into a reality in your head. Imagination is the sweetest sex toy you have!

Listen to your partner’s fantasies, too. But be careful to let them come, and don’t judge what your lover says! Talking to you about his fantasies is opening a very vulnerable door to his innermost secrets. What a gift he is giving you! Go along with it and add in your own naughty comments along the way. dirty-talk

When you’re exploring fantasies, the element of dirty talk makes them more realistic, and brings more excitement to the moment. Try it out on your lover and see where the mood takes you!


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