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Descriptive Language Spices Up The Dirty Talk

Are you perfectly content with your dirty talk in the bedroom? Or are you looking for something a bit more…something that will add spice to an already spicy scenario?

Many of us love to talk dirty, and we do it so often it becomes an erotic art. But even the most enjoyable things can get boring from time to time, so it’s always necessary to search for new ways to spice it up. You might remember from our previous dirty talk lessons that it’s important to switch up what you’re saying, but today’s lesson is a reminder: You can make even the same old dirty talk sound hotter than hot with a few new words.

Descriptive phrases are the secret weapon of any dirty talk guru. It’s easy to talk about how much you like what he does with his hands…but instead of telling him, “I love what you do with your hands,” try telling him this:

“I love the wicked things you do with your big, strong hands on my body.”

Let’s be honest here: Both men and women love the ego stroke. Touching that sensual part of them with compliments, eager words, and very pleased attitudes can work wonders for a person’s self-confidence. People love to hear what someone else loves about them!

But if you’re giving a compliment like that, it’s not going to be a stale one, right? It’s going to be full and alive with vivid color!

So the next time you think about telling your man to “Pound it hard,” consider this instead:

“Pound my tight little pussy with your big, throbbing cock until you make me scream!”

Which one would you rather hear in the heat of passion?

Here’s an exercise to get you started: Think about your lovemaking and your dirty talk preferences. What comment do you seem to make more than any other? If you can pinpoint a few, great! Now, consider what you could say to make it even spicier and hotter.

Once you’ve got the idea in the back of your mind, unleash it on your partner the next time you’re in the midst of a hot and heavy dirty talk session. It will make a difference! He will think you’re wilder than ever, and you will know that you’ve tapped yet another level of his dirty talk pleasure.

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