Brush Up on Dirty Talk with Erotic Writing

29stories1Have you ever run out of dirty words for your dirty talk? That’s when you head to your friendly neighborhood bookstore and pick up a few dirty books. No, we’re not talking about those books that have nothing but pictures in them – we’re talking about the ultra hot, intellectual, full-of-ideas erotic novels and anthologies that give you great options for talking dirty to your man.

If you’re not quite ready to walk into a bookstore and buy an erotic novel, start by picking up on of your man’s naughty magazines. You know he’s got them – they might be hidden away in a drawer or under a bed, but trust us, he’s probably got a few of those sexy magazines lying around! Open them up and read the letters section, which is usually in the front of the magazine. The letters section tends to offer great scenarios for roleplaying and fantasies.

Once you’ve taken advantage of the letters section, it’s time to move into the more erotic novels that focus on the talk rather than the action. If you don’t have the courage to walk into a bookstore and pick up an erotic book, don’t worry – you’re not alone. That’s why online bookstore do such a booming business in erotic novels and anthologies!

Take advantage of the ‘read this book’ feature that most websites offer. Look for sections of the book that are filled with dirty words, phrases, and explicit sex. You can either get ideas from them or read them out loud, so focus on things that you will be comfortable saying, as well as those things that push your comfort zone a little bit.

Order a few books you will be happy with, and when they arrive, read them cover-to-cover! The best way to know what EroticStories2-3you like is to try out numerous different types of books and scenarios. Read them aloud to your lover if you are shy, and let someone else’s words work for you. If you are a bit more brave, steal a few words from an erotic novel and break them out on your partner the next time you’re in bed together.

Take it one step further by writing your own erotic stories. Ask your partner what his fantasies are and then write them down in your own words, throwing in the things you know your lover enjoys, such as positions, words, and scenarios. It will be even sexier for him because it came from your mind, not the mind of someone else. Once you start writing, the sky is the limit for the erotic world you will uncover!


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