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Bring Him Out Of His Shell With These Dirty Talk Examples

Do you have a man who is shy in bed? Is your lover the strong and silent type who doesn’t want to say much of anything during sex? Maybe he moans and groans a bit, or perhaps he says your name, but dirty words never cross his lips? That’s the kind of man who needs a little coaxing into the naughty world of dirty talk! These dirty talk examples might help.

When you are in the midst of foreplay, start telling him what you like. Speak softly and gently, so that he has to really listen to hear you. Don’t use any crude or graphic language at first – you don’t want to shock him away from talking back to you! Tell him how much you love the way his hands feel, or how you enjoy the strength of his arms when he holds you that way. Tell him how sweet his kisses taste, and praise him for the way he touches you.

If he’s open to that, move into something a bit more graphic by asking him for certain things. Tell him to touch you in a certain place. Ask him to use his tongue instead of just his fingertips. Ask him to slide into you, and describe how you want it done. “Slide in…slow, baby, do it slow. Let me feel every inch of you.” You’re making it clear what you want, but you’re not using graphic words to do it.

If he likes what you’re saying, his actions will tell you. When you feel like he’s ready, go a little further and ask him direct questions. “Do you like it when I do that to you?” is a good way to start. “Which way do you want me?” is a saucy question that demands a direct answer.

Slowly bring your strong and silent type into the world of naughty phrases with our dirty talk examples. Soon he will be whispering those sweet nothings into your ear, and your body will be thanking him over and over again!

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