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Denise Brienne at a resort in MexicoConfident, fun, well-rounded and sexy. Those are words that describe author Denise Brienne, a thirty-something woman who has a knack for giving the best advice to those who want to spice up their intimate relationships.

But it wasn’t always this way. Born in the Midwest and raised in a household that never talked about anything sexual, Denise grew up thinking that anything sensual was best kept hidden. She was curious about many things, but never felt free to ask questions about what she was thinking or feeling.

That all changed when she came of age. When she went away to college in a very liberal town, Denise quickly learned that there was a whole other world out there, one where sexual expression was okay and encouraged. She broke out of her shell with a bang and since then has immersed herself in all things sensual, sexual and – some might say – downright sinful!

At about the same time she was learning the joys of a sensual life, Denise discovered the thrill in writing down her thoughts and feelings. Though she had kept a journal in her younger years like most girls do, she now had much more to write about. Everything from her bedroom experiences to her pain over a broken heart was captured in the pages of her journal.

She had so much fun with that journal that she began to think about writing for a living. And if she was going to make a living with her pen, why not write about what she loved so much – relationships, communication, advice on love and other sensual subjects?

That’s when Denise Brienne, the author, was born!

Denise knows relationships very well. She’s felt both soaring love and a broken heart. She has had smooth, easy relationships that seemed to be effortless, and she had been in situations where she really had to work hard to sustain the union.

In the depth of those experiences, she has found what works to sustain and spice up a relationship – and just as importantly, what can lead to a relationship’s slow, withering demise. Denise combines her real-life experiences with her passion for writing, and that results in novels that are both helpful and hot!

Denise has dozens of novels and ebooks under her saucy leather belt, as well as hundreds of blog posts that showcase her ability to provide the best advice. She is best-known for the wide-ranging “101 Series,” in which she pursues everything from getting kinky to romantic gift ideas to what to never, ever do in bed.

But sometimes you just want to read something hot. If you are in the mood to ditch the advice and just get your sexy on, check out Denise’s erotic short story collections!

Denise is also at the helm of “Dirty Talk 101,” an international online magazine that tackles all things sexy and sensual. Got a question that needs an answer? You can probably find it here – and if you can’t, just ask and you shall receive!

What is Denise doing when she’s not writing sexy advice or delving into sensual smut? She’s just like you and me! Denise can be found camping, cooking, enjoying nature or discussing relationships over a good cup of French roast coffee. If you want to give her a shout, say hello through the contact form on this website.

Be sure to visit her Amazon book page and download some books for your Kindle.

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