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All the Fantasy and None of the Guilt!

Has your lover ever told you about a fantasy that you just weren’t sure you could fulfill? Some fantasies are great for thinking about, but when it comes to real life, they might make you do a double-take.

Having a threesome or something of the sort might be exciting to think about…but could you really do it?

There is a way you can fulfill the wildest of fantasies but still be able to live with yourself in the morning. Can you guess how?

Get creative with fulfilling fantasies and watch your lover’s ardor flare even higher! If he’s dying for a threesome, you can give it to him, and here’s how:

Threesome with Another Man. If he’s into watching you with someone else, have your imagination – and your sex toys – at the ready. Choose sex toys that look exactly like a man’s penis. There are some that even feel very close to the real thing! You will have to paint the pictures in his head as you go through the fantasy, and walk him through what it would be like if you were to enjoy another man in front of him. Talk about the other man’s cock and what you’re going to do with it. Then let your man watch as you do all those things you mentioned. It might be a sex toy, but if his imagination is revving, it’s not too far away from the real thing.

To add some spice to the scenario, talk to your lover about your previous lovers. Be cautious when you do this, because you never know if it will spark the right kind of jealousy or the wrong kind of insecurity. If he’s into listening to your adventures with other men, by all means, tell him – and let him imagine it happening in front of him while you make good on the stories with that sexy new sex toy!

Threesome with Another Woman. If he loves the idea of another woman in bed with you, try this: invest in something called a “pocket pussy.” It’s designed to mimic all the sensations of a woman’s body as he slides his dick into it. It works especially well if you blindfold him or tie him to the bed, sit on his face and let him go to work with his tongue, all the while “talking” to the woman in the bedroom with you, inviting her to sample what he has to offer by sliding down on him. If he’s hot enough when you get to that point, he will lose himself in the sensation of having two women – and that’s when the fireworks will really begin.

Letting Someone Else Watch. If you’re not comfortable with letting someone else watch you have sex with your man, why not compromise and let someone else listen? An internet buddy from a distant state, a phone sex operator, or someone you both know and trust might be good bets for the “other person” in the room. Call them up – after you’ve made the arrangements about what you are going to do, of course – put the phone on speaker, turn it up and get it on. You will have the thrill of letting someone in on your lovemaking but it will still technically be just the two of you.

So…which one are you going to try tonight?

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