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A Quick Dirty Talk Refresher Course

Everyone needs a little refresher course every once in a while, no matter the subject…so it makes sense that a quick dirty talk refresher course will help you stay on top of your game in the bedroom!

Sometimes we fall into a routine, and get too comfortable. Other times we simply forget about some great new thing we intended to try out. Before you know it, all the good information you gathered from places like Dirty Talk 101 and the Dirty Talk Guide slips away and you become complacent, comfortable…and dare we say it?…a bit boring!

Here’s a quick way to light that fire all over again!

Read a dirty book. Don’t know what in the world is new to say? Read a dirty book to get some great ideas. Erotic stories can give you great ideas not only for dirty words, but dirty scenarios as well. Choose an erotic novel that suits your personal desires, or opt for an anthology to get a taste of all sorts of erotic themes.

Watch a dirty movie. Yes, that’s right. Pull out the porn! Porn stars offer the ultimate dirty talk experience, and you can make the most of it by studying what they say and when they say it. But don’t repeat it verbatim — a canned response to a particular move or word isn’t sexy. Make it your own by taking the porn star ideas and incorporating them with what you and your lover enjoy.

Explore that one elusive fantasy. Is there one fantasy that drives you both over the edge when you act it out in bed? Consider making it a reality. Talk about what you would need to do to get there, and if other people are involved, think long and hard about what it could mean for your relationship. Simply talking about a fantasy in such detail can start those dirty talk juices flowing again!

Shake things up! Tired of the same old thing? Talk dirty to your partner in public. Leave a steamy message on their voice mail. Send an email that details exactly what you intend to do to them when they get home — and then make good on your promise. Do something out of the ordinary to give your sex life the kick-start it needs.

Practice, then practice some more. The more dirty your words, the filthier your mind will become. Talk dirty to yourself while you masturbate. Explore fantasies by talking about them with others on message boards and blogs. Read those erotic stories out loud. Make a point of talking dirty to your partner about a wide range of scenarios. Just keep talking dirty and remember that practice makes perfect!

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