Which Style Fits You?

How To 2 (3)Talking dirty might seem to come naturally, but here’s the surprise – it can actually take a lot of work! What comes to mind immediately can eventually become dull, and the point of talking dirty is to spice things up. So let’s look at a few off-beat how to talk dirty examples and see which ones fit your love life:

The Flirtatious Vixen. Don’t come right out and say the hardcore words that are ringing in your head. Tease him a bit around the edges first. For example, don’t use any particular word to refer to his penis. Instead, play coy and talk about “down there” and “your thing” and “manhood.” You might land on a term that drives him wild, and he will love the anticipation of when you’re really going to get down and dirty.

The Everyday Avenger. Ready to blow his mind? Focus on everyday objects that deserve your erotic attention. This works especially well in the kitchen, where the zucchini becomes the “cock” and the honey becomes his “cream” and you can get wild with just about everything – even the smaller appliances. Don’t let your dirty talk be confined to the same old words when you can invite something like the “wicked whisk” to the mix!

The All-Business Woman. Forget the flowery language. Talk about his “penis” and his “testicles” and his “perineum.” This works very well if you are role playing the part of a nurse who is handling a stubborn patient. Ask how he feels about putting his penis into your vaginal – for medicinal purposes, of course.

The Insulted Maiden. When your lover starts talking dirty, act as though you don’t know why he would do a silly thing like that! Maybe you’re taking on the role of the virgin or the role of the cloistered nun. Whatever the case, make sure your partner knows you are role playing – and then play that role to the hilt! He’s been a bad, bad boy and he deserves to be punished, doesn’t he?

The Trash Talker. This is when you get the chance to let it all hang out. Look for hardcore examples of dirty talk on the internet and dive right in! Use the worst slang you can imagine, the most graphic words that come to mind, and the things that your lover would never imagine you could dream of saying, much less actually utter! But be warned – this kind of dirty talk can rev things up to redline very quickly, and the sex can be over just as fast. Hey, when you’re hot, you’re hot!


  1. I’ve found dirty talk to be especially effective during foreplay……& have several
    unusual/unique words & phrases that I would like to repeat here… but am not sure
    whether such obscenities would be considered tolerable by the editor ? Perhaps
    I could receive some guidance regarding the use of expletives in this ‘commentary
    section’ ? Alternatively, can they be ‘aired’ in a private email to the editorial
    management ?

  2. A friend and I have had cyber sex a few times and we have “pet names” for certain parts of our anatomies in case someone else should read it–Ms. Kitty and Junior, to be exact. At certain points, he’ll ask, “How is Ms. Kitty feeling right now?” My response is something like “She’s like KFC–finger licking good.” From then on, he tells me what all Junior is going to do to Ms.Kitty, and one night our conversation lasted 8 hours!! All it takes is for me to ask how Junior is, and he tells me “He’s a steel beam in winter”, and we’re off and running. =)

  3. would like to purchase the book as well. please email me if possible:)

  4. Sheri Miller says

    Can this book talking dirty be purchased as a book, if you dont want to download. I am not on the computer much would love to purchase the book if i can.

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