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A “Famous” Twist On Roleplaying Games

Do you love to slide through celebrity websites, trying to find the latest news of the day? Do you salivate over the perfect paparazzi photograph? Is there someone in the public eye that makes your heart pound and your fantasies go haywire?

We might not all be able to partake of the pleasures of those celebrity auras, but we can definitely turn being famous into a roleplaying game that is sure to please!

When you and your partner find a celebrity couple you want to emulate – or you simply want to surprise your lover by becoming a “celebrity” for a night – you are going to need some props. If your favorite rock star wears sky-high white leather boots, invest in a pair of your own. Do they have a signature style? Adopt it for an evening. Consider using a wig to make the look more realistic. Study photographs of the person you want to roleplay and copy the makeup, hair style, and other factors that make them hot as hell.

Don’t forget the attitude as well. Watch videos of the celebrity your partner loves to watch and learn how they walk, how they talk, and what they do with their hands. Study their mannerisms. Practice doing that in front of a mirror. How close can you get? It will not only make for some good laughs before you step into character, but it will give you a good feel for what you should be doing when it’s time to rock – how will you move? What will you say? How will you look at your lover?

If you want to take the game further, go for it. Rent a limousine for a night. Take it to the hottest club in town and walk the carpet right through those velvet ropes and through the front door. When someone asks who you are, be mysterious. Don’t shatter the illusion. Do things you might not normally do, like make out with your lover in public, give the waitress an outrageous tip, or dance like you’re the next big thing. Get back in the limousine and tell the driver to simply take the long route through town while you get it on in the backseat!

Want to stay home? Roll out a red carpet in your living room and bask in the heat of the flashbulbs – a single camera flash can do when you’re feeling sexy enough to be a movie star.

When you get into bed with your lover, keep up the attitude. How would your favorite celebrity get it on? Do what you think they would do. Throw in the things you know your lover enjoys, and you’re in for a night full of excitement. Isn’t it great to be famous for a while?

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