Make Dirty Talk Into A Fun Game

whip, handcuffs and blindfoldMake it a game! Though there are dirty talk games out there on the market, none are as effective as the one you create yourself.

To begin: You and your partner each sit down with a piece of paper and write down as many dirty words as you can think of. Use hardcore words that make you blush as you write them, use sweet and sexy words, even throw in words that aren’t necessarily dirty at all, but describe actions you want to see happen — “harder” or “faster” are two classics.

Cut the papers into strips, with one word on each strip. Fold them each in half and drop them in a bowl, a cup, or a hat. Flip a coin to see who goes first. Draw a slip of paper out of the hat and read it aloud, then come up with a naughty sentence to go along with it.

It might be silly at first, but keep going — eventually you will start to think more about the words and the sentences themselves than the giggles the next word might bring, and soon after that , you will start thinking about putting some of those creative sentences into action. A good look into your lover’s eyes will show you that he’s thinking along the same lines.

At that point, well…how do you determine the winner? It would be easy to say the naughtiest wins, but let’s make it a bit more challenging. How about this: The first person to put dirty talk into hot, steamy action — and to bring their partner to orgasm while whispering raunchy nothings into their ear — is the proven winner!

This time, that is. You can always put those slips of paper back into the hat and go for round two.

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