A Dirty Talk Date With A Sexy Stranger

a sexy strangerYou know the temptation. Don’t you?

The urge to walk up to that sexy stranger at the bar, the one who has had you mesmerized all night, and whisper something so naughty into his ear that he can’t finish his drink. To shock him so deeply that he will turn around and stare at you, like you’ve been staring at him all night. To say something so dirty, so naughty, that you will immediately make him want to follow you home.

Talking dirty to a stranger is just as hot as you can imagine it would be, and for good reason. A stranger is someone who knows nothing at all about you, so you can reinvent yourself every time. If you are the shy kind who has never tried talking dirty before, he doesn’t have to know that, does he? You can practice like crazy on those sexy strangers!

If your dirty talk in public leads to dirty talk in private, a stranger doesn’t know you well enough to critique you. You can explore fantasies with a stranger that you might never be able to utter to someone who was more familiar to you. You can give a stranger the “vixen” inside who might have never dared come out for the ex-boyfriend, the ex-husband, or even the current boyfriend who doesn’t seem to have much of a clue about what you really like in bed.

Oh, how naughty are you!

To test your dirty talk out on a stranger, visit your local watering hole or any other place where you know men will be liquored up and ready to meet a sexy woman like yourself. Go armed with the knowledge that you are going to talk dirty to someone by the end of the night. After a bit of flirting, when you are comfortable enough to whisper into your conquest’s ear, you can start the dirty talk by asking a few leading questions.

You look like the kind of man who would be a tiger in bed. Are you?

What would you do right now if we were alone?

I like a man who isn’t afraid to tell me exactly what he wants.

Is there anyone who would be upset if you went back to my place?

Do you ever fantasize about doing things on this bar? Naughty things?

Even if the dirty talk doesn’t go any further than revving the two of you up at the bar, and even if you wind up going home all alone and playing with your favorite vibrator instead of some stranger, you’ve done it! You have taken the initiative and offered up the dirty talk to a perfect stranger. Don’t you feel like the naughty vixen you really are?

And if your dirty talk did lure that sexy hunk of a stranger home with you – well, honey, there’s much more dirty talk to be had. Enjoy!


  1. Another great dirty talk post, thank you so much…

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