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8 “Not So Dirty” Things Men Love To Hear

Do you know what trips your man’s trigger? There are some clean and dirty phrases that bring out the happy side of your man and feed his ego at the same time. If he’s feeling down and out, try any of these and watch him perk up!

1. “That woman was looking at you.” The thought that someone dared to check him out while he was with you speaks to his self-esteem and makes him feel like the King of Sexy Hotness.

2. “I love it when you…” Men love to know when they are appreciated, and by telling him how much you love something he does — whether it be something he does in bed or a little thing he did around the house — you are showing him how special he is to you.

3. “You’re right.” If you’re in the midst of an argument and he happens to be right, say so. Hearing that he’s right about something makes him feel intelligent, and leads to a more understanding moment. Simply saying “you’re right” can diffuse an argument and turn it into a discussion instead.

4. “Can you fix this?” Men love to be providers and give you what you need, both in the bedroom and in your day-to-day life. If you have something around the house that needs some muscle, don’t try it yourself — let your personal hero take care of it for you. He will be thrilled to show off his skills.

5. “Your hair/belly/jump-shot is still perfect.” Growing older is something that women embrace much more readily than men. Telling him how youthful he is — even if you are fudging the truth just a bit — will be the ego boost he needs to feel vital and confident.

6. “I love your…” Ahem, well, what body part would you like to put in here? Can you guess which one men love to hear the most? Whatever it is you like about him — whether it’s his height or his abs or his rock-hard dick — tell him!

7. “You are gorgeous.” Simply tell your man how handsome he is and watch him turn into a blushing, squirming mess. Women love to hear how beautiful they are, and after a while it becomes natural for your man to say it to you…but how often do women tell their men how handsome they are? It’s something that too often falls to the wayside, so it’s time to bring it back, don’t you think?

8. “You do things to me that no one else has ever done.” This might be the one thing that sends a man to the moon. Knowing that HE is the one who made you come hardest/laugh longest/love deepest is the ultimate ego stroke. And let’s be honest…you cherish hearing this reassurance from HIM, don’t you?

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