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8 Dating Truths You Need To Wake Up To Right Now

The recent hit “He’s Just Not That Into You” has opened up woman’s eyes a little bit when it comes to dating. We as women, because we are the emotional gender, have a tendency to go a little overboard sometimes. This leads to needy desperate behavior that kills a relationship before it even started.

The movie really showed us that there are some truths out there that are kind of ugly. We don’t want to accept them. But the fact is, we have to if we want to move forward with love. When it comes to love, make sure you are in charge of your game plan, and you don’t show your cards before you..and he..are really ready.

When you take control, then you have yourself to congratulate for your success in dating. Leaving the expectations on him is a big red flat, and men really like to walk away from that when things are first starting. Instead, show him who is boss when it comes to your life, and he will be grateful that you take a little of the onus off of him. In this event, face up to these truths when it comes to dating, cement them in your head, and as you pursue your next soul mate, keep them in mind…you may well just see different results this time.

Truth 1 – That “just wanted to check you got my last email/voicemail/text/whatever” message that you are sending will be regretted. You feel like a fool when you are leaving it don’t you? Admit it, you do, we all have, so don’t send it.

Truth 2 – If you can’t “ask the tough questions” when it comes to sex, you’re not ready to be with this guy. This is a health situation, and if it’s a simple matter of bringing up condoms, then do it. If he’s into you, he’ll be glad you too the onus off of him. If you can’t bring this up, you’re just not that into him yet, so wait.

Truth 3 – When a man dumps you or withdraws from you and it feels “out of the blue”, the chances are that it is only out of the blue for you. This has been brewing for him, his loss, let it go, go back to Truth 1 if you need to.

Truth 4 – When it comes to the L bomb, you don’t drop it till he does. You know this. The same rule applies for Facebook status. Until his says “In a Relationship”, yours doesn’t either. Bonus points for him by the way if he names you in his Relationship status column, but don’t hold it against him if he doesn’t. He’s already told the world something wonderful about you, cut him some slack.

Truth 5 – We know not to talk about exes. Now you need to know that you CAN talk about exes if he starts. The next thing you need to know is if he is using terms like slut, whore, psycho….learn them well, as this may be your nickname one day.

Truth 6 – If after one month of regular dating and you are already feeling like this is taking too much “work”, then well, it’s not going to get easier. Not next month. Not by Christmas. And certainly not in ten years. Let it go, it’s not worth it.

Truth 7 – If you have any doubts about whether or not you should sleep with him, think about what you want in the relationship. Is this a one night stand? Then why are you doubting the purpose of the evening. Do you want this guy to have relationship potential? Then pay attention to your doubts. No woman that is now in a happy, healthy, long-term relationship has ever said “wow, if only I had slept with him SOONER.”

Truth 8 – Men that are good in bed know it. Men that aren’t good in bed brag about how good they are in bed. The same rule applies to size.

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