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6 Surefire Tantric Sex Tips For Beginners

What is tantric sex, and why is it all the rage? You might be surprised at just how much closer you will feel to your partner when you enjoy tantric sex. Tantra is not only a physical manifestation of sensuality, but also an emotional bonding moment, when you learn more about your partner’s desires and needs, as well as a more intimate way of fulfilling them.

Learning to enjoy tantric sex can take a lifetime to learn. But these basic tips will help you break into what tantra is about – and from that point, you can endeavor to learn much more about the joys of Tantra.

Plan Erotic Rituals. Much of the intimacy of tantra comes from the erotic rituals that to people share. When you have something in common that is so erotic and arousing, it naturally brings you closer together. Your rituals might be drinking a glass of wine together before you make love, or dancing to a certain music, or doing anything else that heightens your sense of intimacy. Dropping away the rest of the world and focusing entirely on your partner and the moment is one of the joys of the ritual.

Eye Contact Matters. Always look into your lover’s eyes. They are the windows of the soul, and as you explore tantric sex, you will discover that the soul has a great deal to do with your satisfaction. When you try different positions or rituals, always make eye contact a key component.

Take It Slow. This is not the time to rush. Moving slowly and sensually will help you keep your emotions and physical needs under control, and that will allow you to enjoy your partner’s touch more fully.

It’s All About Touch. Speaking of touch, that’s one of the things that matters most – the connection you have with your partner on a physical level can make sex mindblowing. No matter what you are doing, keep your hands busy…touch your partner. Hold hands and breathe deeply to feel the energy between the two of you. When you touch your lover’s skin, savor the sensation.

Watch Your Breathing. Rhythmic breathing, especially when that breathing coincides with that of your lover, can transport both of you to a place of ecstasy. Deep breaths bring more oxygen into your body and thus, your senses are heightened. The act of breathing together makes you focus on your body and that of your lover, and forces both of you to slow down – another key element of making the most of tantric sex.

Vary Your Positions. Try out new positions that bring the two of you closer on every level. Look into each other’s eyes as you thrust and sway. Watch the emotions flash across your lover’s face. Keep the motion steady and slow, drawing out the pleasure rather than racing to the finish line. And when it’s finally time to let go, look into your lover’s eyes as you give yourself over to the ultimate pleasure.

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  1. Hello i am interested in the tantric sex tips.
    Do you do lessons?
    If you do do i have to bring my own partner or do you supply one i can use? Please no fat or black or bald ones.
    Would i be limited to one partner?
    Am i able to film it and other couples

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