6 Female Masturbation Techniques That Will Rock Your World

female masturbationSo you’ve read the last post and decided you want to give masturbation a try – good for you! You’re not alone in deciding to jump-start your sex life, and it will be a great adventure for you and your partner. Learning to masturbate is all about what feels good, but as with anything else, sometimes a little primer is in order.

So here’s your primer. Read on, adventurous one!

1. Simple Touches. Start with very simple touches. This is when you find out what you like and what turns you on. Simply run your fingers across your skin…start with your hands and move on from there. The point is not to do anything with a sexual goal in mind, but to simply feel what different parts of your body do when you focus on touch. If this leads you to touch erogenous zones, great! But getting comfortable with touching yourself everywhere is the point.

2. Clitoral Stimulation. When you’re ready to take it a step further, try clitoral stimulation. Simply spread your legs and play until you find something that feels good. Your clitoris has numerous nerve endings that can light a sexual fire – play with it and find out how much pressure you need, what kind of stroke, and most of all, pay attention to what it makes you feel. If you have an orgasm, good for you!

3. G-Spot Play. The clitoris is on the outside of your body, but the g-spot is on the inside. To find it, press your finger about two inches inside your vagina and press upward toward your belly. The whole area should be smooth, but there is a tiny spot with ridges…that’s your g-spot. Stroke it, press on it, and take your time with it. You might find that g-spot stimulation feels even better than clitoral stimulation.

4. Everyday Objects. Now it’s time to replace your hands with something that might give you more of a jolt. How about the corner of a pillow? Maybe a strip of silk? Consider the long, smooth handle of a hairbrush. Use everyday objects for masturbation and pay attention to the texture. Does a certain feeling get you off faster than others? Make a note of it and explore it more in the future.

5. Showerheads. The next time you are in the shower, look at the showerhead. Can you angle it to pulse directly on your vaginal area? If you can’t, consider buying a hand-held showerhead with a massage function. This will help you find the speed and pressure you like, and will give you a great time in the shower, too!

6. Vibrators and Sex Toys. Finally, consider vibrators and other sex toys meant specifically for female masturbation. You can order them discreetly over the internet if you are too shy to go into a sex toy store. Use a vibrator in all the ways that you used your hand or those everyday objects, and discover a whole new world of sexual stimulation!


  1. Good advice for men waiting to please a woman as well

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