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5 Ways to Celebrate Long-Distance Anniversaries

When you’re in a long distance relationship, it’s more important than ever to celebrate those little things that bring you closer together. The distance between you, however, does  not mean you have to settle for substandard or unsatisfying celebrations. Try these ideas when you want to mark a memorable occasion:

  • Plan to spend a day together. Whether it’s on the internet or over the phone, plan a whole day when it’s just the two of you. Relax and talk for hours. Do something unique you haven’t done before, like shopping for things together by going to the same chain store that just happens to be hundreds or thousands of miles apart. Make good use of your camera phone and texting ability while you do it.
  • Send something that your partner will always remember. Edible arrangements, cards, baskets, that sexy piece of lingerie, or other small items that your partner will love are all good ways to mark that special occasion.
  • Make something with your own two hands. Don’t buy something from the store. Make something instead. If you are handy with knitting needles, make him a sweater in his favorite colors, or a great pair of socks to wear when the weather is cold. If you’re great with a hammer and nails, build a birdhouse for her porch or carve a pretty dish for her living room table. Be sure to send it in plenty of time to arrive for that anniversary date!
  • Take her out to dinner. Yes, you are far apart – but your dinner date doesn’t have to be. Send her a box filled with a nice tablecloth, candles, and the like. Ask her to set up the table, put her laptop on it, and fire up the webcam. Then have a local eatery deliver dinner for her, complete with dessert. Pay for everything and enjoy the meal together, even though you are far apart.
  • Put together a diary of the things you have felt and thought over the period of time before the anniversary. Talk about your first month, your first year, and all of the things that you have worked through and enjoyed as a couple. Years later, you can look back at the diary you kept and both cherish the things that led you to each other.

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