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5 Tips For Brushing Up On Dirty Talk Basics

Has it been a long while since you unleashed naughty dirty talk on your partner? Has it been a long time since you changed it up and surprised him with something that was so shocking, it took him to new heights of pleasure? If it’s been a while and your dirty talk needs a mojo boost, here are a few tips for making it new again.

1. Set the Mood. Everything sounds more sensual when the mood is right. Get things started with candles, satin sheets, and maybe some soft music. Want things naughtier? Make those sheets deep red, and put on a throbbing music that makes you think about fucking. The mood you set will help determine what dirty talk feels comfortable for both of you.

2. Breathe Deep. A great deal of dirty talk mojo has to do with your breathing. Don’t believe me? Think about the way your lover’s moan sounds on an exhale. The heavy, deep breathing that comes along with the hottest sex is a serious turn on, and besides that, it allows you to make anything sound sultry. Take deep breaths while you’re in bed with your partner, and don’t worry if you start to sound breathless as you say dirtier things…that’s part of the turn-on, isn’t it?

3. Add Sounds. Dirty talk isn’t just about words. Moans, groans, sighs, the occasional laugh, and the low murmurs that mean nothing at all can be just as filthy as the naughtiest words. Let those sounds go…and if you want to get loud, have at it! But if you stay a bit quieter, and force your lover to come closer to you to hear what you have to say, you can create a more intimate and romantic atmosphere.

4. Add Words. Ready to get naughty? Start talking! The words you use when you’re in the midst of lovemaking can determine what happens next. Tell your lover what you like, and ask for what you need. If that telling and asking happens to involve a few hot phrases that are guaranteed to get the libido humming, all the better!

5. Act it Out! Dirty talk isn’t quite enough? Tell your partner how much you like it when they touch you there…and then guide their hand to where you want it. Spinning a nice fantasy with your dirty talk? Climb on and act it out, down to the last naughty detail. The dirty words can get you started, and those dirty actions can seal the deal!

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