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5 Things Men Love To Hear In Bed

Everybody loves that naughty ego stroke, especially when it’s delivered while in bed while doing the nasty. Remember that time your partner said that one little thing…and you blushed about it for weeks? You’re blushing now that you think about it, aren’t you? Comments like that don’t come along everyday, so when they do, it seems like the most incredible thing they could have possibly said to you.

What is the best compliment you can give your man in bed? We’ve got a few ideas.

Oh, my God…you’re huge! This might be at the top of any man’s list. No matter how many times they have heard size doesn’t matter, hearing a woman squeal in delight when they see the size of the schlong is enough to send a man’s ego into throes of ecstasy. This is especially effective if you are planning to have anal sex and show some concern about whether he will fit — or if you attempt to deep-throat him but can’t make it happen. Talk about putting your mojo where your mouth is!

I love the way you touch me. You know what it’s like…sometimes you find a lover who knows just how to touch you, and you don’t have to explain a single thing. It’s just instinct. When you find a lover like that, praise him to the heavens! The more you love it, the more he will touch you…and the happier you will both be.

I can’t wait to make you come. There are few greater turn-ons in life than someone who wants to make you come — and come hard. Telling a man how badly you want to push him over the edge is sure to get him revved up. Show him how badly you want it by teasing him about where you want it. Inside you? On you?

I’ve never felt that before! Does he do that magic thing with his hands? Does he hit that one certain place with his dick that nobody has ever touched before? Does his particular motion send you to the moon and back? Tell him! Especially when you are on the verge of a mind-blowing orgasm and almost incoherent. He will eat it up!

You taste so damn good. Every man loves to think that his come is the nectar of the gods. Some will try to make it taste better by loading up on fruit before they let you go down. But even licking a drop of sweat from his chest and savoring it is enough to drive a man insane.

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