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5 Signs She’s Trying to Steal Your Man

There is dirty talk — the fun, good kind that brings you and your honey closer together. But if the dirty talk is coming from someone else’s painted lips and aimed for your lover’s ear, you no longer have something fun and playful. You have something dead serious, and you just might have to do something about that.

So before you tell your best friend all about your dirty talk escapades and get her horny for your man, consider these signs that she might be more into him than you realize:

She finds reasons to get alone with him. Your friend might be interested in talking dirty with your partner if she’s trying to get him alone more often than is kosher for a friend to do. And maybe he’s a nice guy who says okay the first time, but then gets uncomfortable when it keeps happening. Watch for that big red flag — if he’s uncomfortable, things are not good.

She pays more attention to him than to her own date. When you double-date — which is often — she finds plenty of reason to drape herself over your man instead of her date. She might also drop plenty of dirty talk innuendo that opens the door to sexual discussion. If you find yourself counting how many times she’s found an excuse to rub her fingers over his shoulders, then you know it’s time to nip the double-dates in the bud.

She tells you how lucky you are. My best friend has a wonderful man in her life. He’s smart, friendly, sexy as hell, and treats her like a queen. She’s lucky and she knows it…she doesn’t need to hear it from me over and over again. If someone tells you how lucky you are — as if you need to be reminded of it for some reason — then you might want to keep an eye on them.

She calls him for something when she could have easily called you. She probably shouldn’t have his number in the first place, but let’s assume there’s a reason she does. Okay…does that mean she should call him before she bothers to call you? The only time I’m going to call my best friend’s man is if she’s late for a girl’s night out and I’m worried, or we’re trying to coordinate that surprise birthday party. Those things are kosher. Much more than that, however, is not.

She drops by his place when you aren’t there. This is a huge, massive, scary red flag that calls for your immediate attention. She has no reason to be alone with him, especially at his house. So why is she? At this point, it’s okay to confront her about her actions, especially if she’s hit all the high points of the other warning signs mentioned.

You might want to mention it to your man, too. Sometimes they are oblivious to things right in front of them — but other times, they are savvier about a woman’s actions than they seem. Make sure you’re both on the same page with this friendship gone awry, and take steps together to protect your relationship.

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