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5 Mistakes To Avoid On The First Date

We’re human. We’re not perfect. We make mistakes. Some days we make less mistakes than others. So why does it feel like on those really important days we make the most mistakes? Yep, we’ve all been there. The first date. And my guess is that many of us will be there again. We are talking about a nerve wracking situation before the date even begins, and regardless of what our hopes and expectations are. Even if we don’t really know if we like the guy yet, we are nervous. Why? Because no matter what happens, even if we never see the guy again, we still want them to like us. No matter what. Here are the top 5 mistakes to avoid when you are on a first date, and this will ensure your dating success no matter what happens with date #2, or…your next first date. You’ll notice we avoid mentioning ‘don’t talk about your ex’ because well…that’s just a given.

1. Don’t sit too far from your date. You want to find the balance between sitting close enough for any potential flirty contact, and far enough away that you both still have your ‘space’.

2. Don’t spend the date wanting them to like you. This thought occupies every woman’s mind on a first date. Here’s a thought, just enjoy the date. Chances are you are *doing something* so just enjoy it. Be yourself, and let them worry about liking you or not. Not? Their problem, not yours.

3. Don’t apologize for everything, or say sorry unless something has actually happened. Women are SO BAD for this, and it drives men crazy. Why? Because it makes you look like you are apologizing for YOURSELF rather than your actions. They begin to perceive you as not being confident, and not having self esteem, NOT as someone that is overly concerned about other’s well being. If you spill wine, step on his foot with the bottom of your chair, accidentally slam a glass door in his face, say sorry. If your butter knife slid across the table too fast, that’s not your fault honey. A simple “whoops!” and a laugh will handle these little first date flubs confidently.

4. Don’t tell him that you like him unless he says it first There are women that disagree with this, but you are covering your bases if you can avoid this one until he says it first. Because when we say it on a date, it kinda sounds like “I really like you! I really really do!” No matter how we say it, and as casually as we TRY to say it, this is how it comes out to him: “I can totally see myself living with you for FOREVER.” Laugh at his jokes, that’s all you need to get the message to him.

5. Don’t complain too much. Water too cold? Air conditioning too high? Not high enough? Waiting in line too long? You got 4 carrots instead of 6? Let it go. If you complain about the little things NOW, it will make him wonder how you will react to the BIG things. This screams high maintenance to men, and you NEVER see a man putting “seeking high maintenance” in his online profile, do you? That’s right.

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