5 Mistakes Men Make In Bed

mistakes guys make in bedGentlemen get ready! I’m going to explain to you why your sex life might not be as satisfying or successful as you would hope. Pull up your big boy pants because some of this may deflate your ego, but if you’re manly enough to get through it, I guarantee that eliminating these things from your sexual repertoire will rejuvenate your sex life.

#1 Don’t assume that your partner wants to be called a dirty little slut. Sorry boys, for some women this is a turn off. You can introduce dirty talk without involving name calling. Sure, if you know that is something your woman likes you can go for it, be as dirty and nasty as you want to be; but if you don’t know for sure the really dirty names may have the same effect as tossing a bucket of ice water on your partner in the heat of the moment. Dead Stop!

#2 Don’t go in blindly with no thought as to how a woman’s body is made and what will be effective in bed. Inexperience is one thing, but just plain ignorance is inexcusable.  Stop and think about how well you know what pleases you personally; you’ve devoted time to learning what works for you and what doesn’t. So while each woman will also have unique turn ons and turn offs,  there are a few universal things that you will understand if you just spend a little time learning a woman’s body the way you have learned your own.

#3 Do not steer a woman by the head. Sure a little grasp and twist of the hair can be great in the heat of the moment, but when a woman goes down on you,  her hair is not a steering wheel and her ears are not handlebars. Vocalize what you want, or show her by moving yourself. If you drag her by the hair and ears you may be setting yourself up for a vicious bite when you go too far and choke her.

#4 Don’t ask if it was good for her; if you have to ask then it probably didn’t happen. Sorry fellas, if it was good for her you’ll know it by the blissful look on her face, the inability to catch her breath, the tremors and muscle quivers that signal orgasm aftershocks.  Even if your partner doesn’t tell you that it was good for her, if you pay attention to her actions and reactions you’ll know without a doubt. If it wasn’t good for her, get back to work. Just because you’re done in one way doesn’t mean you can’t satisfy her in other ways.

#5 Don’t negate the importance of lubricant. Yes, women provide natural lubricant, but if you’re planning on a long lovemaking session or a night full of sexual encounters, spare a few moments to apply a good lubricant, you’ll find that the pleasure is doubled for you as well as for her when there is no chafing and tugging.

See guys, it’s not so difficult to please a woman in bed. Pay attention to what she likes, make an effort to please her, and once in a while, it is possible to say and mean “Ladies First!”

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