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4 Ways to Decode His Cuddle Quotient

We as women have finally reached a point in our evolution where we finally know better than to ask the dreaded question during cuddle time. You know that question. That question we’ve all been guilty of asking at least one time or another when we are in a blissful state, sense that he is too, and that his bliss is going to lead him down a path of honesty that he would never take had he not just had sex with you. *sigh* “What are you thinking about right now, honey?” He’s not any more likely to be honest now than he was an hour ago over dinner, so you are wasting your time trying to find out. Instead, why not check out these nonverbal cues, and learn more about your man AND your relationship, without having to say a thing.

1. He brings you closer to his chest. This guy is a keeper, and will be the dependable guy that mom will fall in love with. And he thinks you are too. He’s really a softy at heart, and he is letting you know this by bringing you close to his heart. This is a symbolic way of showing you that he’s attached. By holding you against the most, well almost the most, masculine part of his body, he’s letting you know that he can, and he wants to protect you.

2. The spooning man. This is the ultimate snuggle position, body to body, sink to skin with your behind pressed against his most masculine body part. Here his hands are free to do whatever they want, and this is a man that just enjoys feeling you next to him. He may have a high sex drive, but what he loves about this is the emotional bonding with the contact, without having to bond with you face to face. This is not a man that is going to communicate by words how he feels about you outside the bedroom, but is likely to do so through his actions. He wants you emotionally close, he just isn’t quite there to say so yet.

3. He puts his head in your lap. If this is the only move he puts on in cuddle time, then this is a guy who needs either a shrink or a mom, not a girlfriend. But if he’s having a bad day and just needs to relax with you, and this only happens once in a while, this man needs to be taken care of in this moment. This may be a little bit of a needier man, and he will look to you to feel good about himself. The upside is that if you do make him feel this way, he will lavish you with affection as well.

4. The ol’ arm around the shoulder bit. If this guy is pulling this one on you, then he’s not really feeling much other than “great sex. Wonder if she wants another round? Or a burger?” This is the bare minimum, requisite cuddle, without compromising his own comfort in any way. It’s better you know this now. And hey, if you ever need to send this casual carefree message, now you know what to do.

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