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4 Unusual Ways To Spice Up The Bedroom Action

It happens to the best of us: from time to time, things get boring in bed. Maybe it’s because the old moves still feel so damn good, or maybe it’s a matter of simply slowing down a bit and forgetting what lit the spark in the first place. Whatever the reason, boredom happens — the key is knowing how to get out of that rut you’ve found yourself in.

These four tips go beyond the usual and offer something new that might jump-start your erotic engines!

Invest in that erotic movie. It’s usually men who love to watch the porn, so surprise him by taking the lead. Choose a movie produced by a woman, but something with the hardcore action he craves. You’ll get the best of both worlds, and enjoy porn that you will both love.

Spin a lesbian fantasy. Most men dream of having a woman who swings both ways — or better yet, “winning” a woman away from her sexual preference, thanks to his overwhelming sexual prowess. Sure, the idea makes you giggle, but it’s true! So spin a roleplaying fantasy that he will never forget. Become a lesbian for the night, one who delights in the joys of being with other women, but simply can’t resist the pull of that sexy, virile man in front of you. He will eat it up, and you will get some of the best bed-pounding you’ve ever had.

Buy some boots. Men love to see you dress up…so go all-out! Instead of hooker heels that are good only for wrapping around his waist (or a pole, if you are so inclined), buy boots that you can wear out in public, but still have that sexy aura about them. Thigh-high black leather boots with a three inch heel will do the trick quite nicely. Wear them with a nice black dress, and remember not to wear any panties underneath — that will heighten his desire to get you home!

Buy something lacy…for him. Pick up something at the lingerie store in a size that might fit your man, and then tell him you have a very special fantasy. Many men love the feeling of satin and lace against their skin, and just might welcome something a little bit kinky. So give it a shot — you might find hidden desires in your man, and that’s always a good thing!

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