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4 Tips To Roleplaying On A Budget

The economic downturn has affected all of us, and in some cases, it has affected every aspect of our lives. Yes, that includes our sex lives! It can be tough to get your roleplaying game on when prices for those costumes are high and your bank account is not so healthy. But there are easy ways to roleplay on a budget.

Not so sexy, you say? On the contrary! Finding roleplaying costumes for cheap is a lot of fun, and the money you save can be used to purchase those naughty things you crave, like that gorgeous vibrator with seven speeds…but we’re getting ahead of ourselves a bit, aren’t we?

Make your own outfit. Instead of purchasing a naughty roleplaying outfit at the sex toy store, create your own by pulling together individual pieces from other places. You can get those leather gloves from the local department store, those fishnet stockings from the costume shop, and that killer leather jacket from the upscale consignment shop. Create it piece-by-piece for much cheaper than buying the whole thing!

Hit up Halloween sales. Sounds odd, perhaps, but you might be surprised at how big the demand is for adult costumes. That naughty witch outfit can easily become dominatrix gear, and that doctor’s outfit can be used for much more than just the late-night party. Get it after Halloween and enjoy a steep discount.

Be creative! Use everyday objects around the home to double as sex toys. One of my personal favorites is the long pearl necklace. It cost me two bucks at the thrift store (of course, it’s a fake), and it makes the perfect toy to wrap around a lover’s penis. Slide the pearls up and down and watch him shiver with pleasure! Find other items around your house that you can add to your roleplaying games.

Put on an act. Roleplaying often makes good use of costumes, but what really matters is the convincing attitude. If you’re playing a supermodel who seduces the photographer, get your sexy mojo on! If you’re the nurse taking care of the patient, always staying in character and never once breaking it will go a long way toward making the fantasy seem real. The true art of roleplaying is not in the dressing up, but in the thrill of the mindfuck. So act your way to a great night, and save a lot of money in the meantime!

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