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4 Tips To Get Away With Dirty Talk In Public

So you want to talk dirty to your partner…but there are so many people around that almost anyone will be able to hear your conversation? You’ve still got options! Don’t let a little problem like being in a public place keep you from getting your dirty mind on…and give your guy the thrill of his life with your bold and sassy moves.

Here are a few tips to get away with dirty talk in public:

Whisper into his ear. When you bump up against your partner in a crowded room, immediately pull his ear down to your mouth and whisper something naughty. Don’t lead up to it with teasing, and don’t make it something sweet. A simple “I want to do you” is enough to make his eyes widen and his heart race. You will only have a brief second to make an impression before others cue in to what is going on, so make it count!

Say it with your eyes. Sometimes you can talk dirty without saying a word. When your partner walks toward you, make eye contact…and then immediately drop your gaze to his crotch. Make sure he sees what you’re looking at, and then look back up and wink. The simple message will speak volumes about what you’re thinking!

Slip away to a secluded corner. Someone needs more ice for the drinks? Offer to get it…and then pull your partner along with you. In the secluded corner by the freezer, tell him exactly what you want to do with that ice. The point is to make your dirty talk quick and clear, so that your lover is reeling with desire by the time you rejoin the crowd.

Use your body! Your body can sometimes speak louder than words. Tell your partner what you want with a few slick moves. Drinking a martini? Meet your partner’s eyes while you sip on the olive, and then slide it in and out of your lips a few times, mimicking the motion of your mouth as you go down on him. Lick your lips, press your hard nipples against the fabric of your shirt, or squirm in your seat and press your thighs together – whatever it takes to get his attention and convey your message.

Dirty talk in public can be fun – especially if you know how to talk in a crowded room while nobody else knows what is going through your head. Aren’t those naughty little secrets incredibly fun?

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