4 Things You Shouldn’t Do In Bed

lube your toysWe all know that for the most part there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to your sex life, but there are a few things concerning some of the props and fun additions to your sex life that you don’t want to do.

  1. Don’t put your toys away without cleaning them with toy cleaner after each use. Bacteria, germs and odors can cling to your toys. Keeping them clean will not only help them last longer it will also help keep you healthy.
  2. Don’t use toys without proper lubrication. Lube is a girl’s best friend and a guy’s too. Lube will prevent chafing, tearing and painful friction. It is important to understand that toys can be irritating, they can cause pain due to their size and the fact that the person wielding the toy can’t feel what is actually happening inside you. Use care and lubrication to make sure that your toys are fun to play with.
  3. Don’t assume that good sex involves acrobatic positions. Remember that all those porn stars are acting; there is no way some of that stuff feels good. Find positions that work for you, that don’t cause muscle pain and soreness.  A hot and steamy sex-capade can come to an abrupt halt over a pulled muscle or a bent member.  Sex is not a circus; you can hit every button your partner has and satisfy their wildest fantasies without having to perform like a contortionist.
  4. Don’t ignore your lover’s instructions. You may not need a road map, but the sensations are different for everyone. If your partner experiences pain at a certain touch, or loses arousal from another stroke, pay attention to the instructions given to you both verbally and physically. You’ll find that no matter how skilled you are as a lover, if you don’t pay attention to the cues you will be unable to satisfy your partner completely.

Sex is fun, sex is entertaining, sex is intense, but it doesn’t have to lead to any form of pain, or physically challenging positions to be amazing. Use your common sense, and be safe and healthy while embarking on sexual adventures.


  1. My list of four things not to do in bed
    1. Not test for HIV or other dieses passed through sex intercourse before getting down with your partnder
    2. Not making sure your partner tested
    3. Not using protection
    4. Sex. (Beds are for sleeping at night for energy for the next day people! ;))

    I do have a question for the author.
    What’s so enjoyable about sex? It sounds horrible with all the risks involved. WBy do people want to do it then.
    Please answer via here on the comments I don’t check my email! Thank you :)r

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