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4 Signs He IS Just That Into You

The beginning stages of anything are very complicated for all of us. And they are more complicating for women because we spend so much time trying to decipher signals, read signs, and get a good ‘read’ on whether or not he really truly likes us. And though women have no issue blurting out “I like you! I really really like you!” , men are not so quick to the uptake on this one. So is there a way to jump ahead a few steps and save yourself a few nights of over analyzing grief? Yes there is, as there are ALWAYS signs that men are into you, we just don’t know how to spot some of the less obvious ones. Here’s a little tip sheet on some of the subtle signals he may be sending to let you know that yes, this one IS just THAT into you.

1. He goes a little OCD on you. When guys are hanging out with girls they think are cool, hot, or intriguing, they get a little antsy and intimidated. Yes, men are intimidated by us girls, more so than we know. So he is going to be working to release some of that pent up antsiness, and this may show up in some nervous behaviour. Fidgeting, folding napkins, moving utensils back and forth over and over again, peeling off beer bottle labels, picking imaginary lint, the list is endless. If he is a little fidgety like this, and you HAVEN’T just proposed marriage on the third date, it’s a sign you are making him nervous, which is a good thing.

2. His voice goes lower. Research shows that women are more attracted to men with lower voices, as it gives off the more alpha male persona. Men with higher or softer voices are not as appealing to women as the masculinity seems to be more subconscious. At the same time, men instinctively know this, so their voices will automatically deepen, get throatier, and yes even sexier, when they are talking to someone they are REALLY into. If his voice drops a little around you, he’s using primal instinct to get your attention.

3. He’s suddenly a stand up comic. This is the guy that uses laughter to get a woman’s attention. Everything he says and does will be for your entertainment. It’s like the male peacock spreading his feathers, he is showing off for you and large. Men know that women look for men with a sense of humor and so they use this in their mating dance. This is a two-fold plan for men, they are first trying to impress you with their wit and brilliance, and they are second trying to guage your interest level as well. If you are into him as much as he obviously is to you, laugh girl. He’ll go home thinking he had a GREAT date and won’t want to wait for the next one.

4. He disses dudes around you. This one has the tendency to give women the wrong impression, as women don’t like men with bad attitudes, and this may come across that way. But what he is really trying to do here is put down the men around you so that he rises above the others. This is particularly noticeable if this is the kind of guy that never has anything bad to say about anyone. He may even be one of your closest guy friends. And suddenly the men you come into contact with or refer to in conversation will be ‘the loser’ who isn’t good enough for you, or the John Mayer type that won’t stick around. He is trying to subconsciously reduce your dating pool for you by knocking out the partners he is competing with. When a guy does this he’s really saying, that guy is a jerk, I’m not.

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