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4 Sex Games You May Want To Try Tonight

Have you ever played a sex game with your partner? These are yummy little pleasures that can add instant spontaneity to your love life. You can find many fun and erotic sex games at your local adult toy store, but if you have a little creativity, you don’t need to purchase a single thing to create some spark tonight. The beauty of the sex game is that it allows for a little healthy competition into your sex life, that gives you that extra little endorphin rush that will ensure your finish line is unforgettable. It’s all about being spontaneous and trying something new. Many people mistakenly believe that you need to be kinky to try something new in your sex life. You don’t! You just need a little creativity, and that spontaneous rush that comes when you’ve made your partner happy. A sex game is one of the funnest ways to do that, without getting kinky at all. Unless you want to. Try one of these tonight, whoever crosses the finish line first “loses” the game. See how far you can take it…

1. Truth or Dare. Ah yes, this may be the oldest sex game on the books. And it’s so easy, with its own boundaries, or boundaries that you create. You know your partner’s boundaries better than anyone, and if you don’t, this is a good way to start. You don’t need to be told the rules on this one, do you? When it comes to sex games, there ARE no rules. Truth or Dare and take it from there.

2. Have you ever…?? This is very akin to the drinking game Have You Ever. The concept is you ask a question like “have you ever gone skinny dipping”, and whoever hasn’t done this, must take a drink. You can modify this for a sex game. If your partner asks a question, and you haven’t done it, you will be required to kiss, cuddle, or fondle, the body part of their choice. Again, modify the rules as you both see fit, and just see how long this one lasts.

3. Naked Twister. Of course you will need the Twister board game for this fun game, but this is yet another timeless classic that will have you both breathing heavy in no time. Follow the rules of Twister, but make one of your own – nudity mandatory. Again, let’s see who crosses the finish line first in this one, and you can tease and tempt your partner by moving positions that are ever so compromising.

4. Just say NO to Intercourse. Here the rules are simple. You take turns turning each other on, but you are not allowed to engage in intercourse. But you MUST cross the finish line. Use your imagination here, and maybe even a few select food supplies from the kitchen. You each get a turn finding something that will turn the other person on…start off subtly with a little ear nibble here or there, and as you get into it, get more elaborate as you tease your partner right across the finish line. Find out what makes them tick, without going about it the conventional way.

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