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4 Dirty Sex Ideas To Spark The Naughty In You!

Do you need a new dirty sex idea to light up your next sexual encounter? Here are a few of the sexiest, dirtiest sex ideas you can try the next time you want to rev your lover’s sexual engine. Which one of these will you try tonight?

The Dime Trick. Are you with a partner who can’t seem to wait to get to the finish line? This works wonders for someone who is always a bit impatient to get to the “main course.”

Ask your partner to stand in the middle of the room, where you can easily walk around them. The room needs to have a hard floor, such as tile, vinyl, or wood. Ask them to hold their hands out in front of them, palms up, fingers spread. Place a dime on each fingertip and instruct your partner that they are not to drop a single one.

While they are holding the dimes, you will do anything you want to do to them. They have to be as still as possible while you do it, so as not to drop the dimes. If they do drop a dime on the floor, you will certainly hear it – and you will stop whatever you are doing to them.

You can draw this out for a sweet eternity!

The Water Nymph. Want to do something fun that your lover is sure to remember forever? Plan to have sex – but only in the water. Whether that is a jacuzzi, a shower, your bathtub, or the ocean itself, the key to this trick is staying in the water. It’s harder than it sounds, but it’s also sexier than you think!

Sliding against each other with soapy bodies is a major turn-on. Drinking the water from your lover’s skin gives is a flavor that is uniquely theirs, and one you won’t soon forget. If you are going to get really dirty under the water, opt for a special oil-based lube meant for use while you’re wet.

Turning the Tables. Want to see just what your partner is made of? Turn the tables! Use a vibrator on your man, play with his ass, and do whatever else it takes to get him off in ways he hasn’t had before. For the ladies, consider strap-ons and new, interesting vibrators, like one that can be controlled with a remote.

Getting Down and Dirty with Anal Beads. Want to get even dirtier? Go the taboo route and use anal beads to help you get there. Sliding lubed anal beads into the most forbidden of places can feel heavenly – and if you pull them out with a steady motion as your lover is coming, it can increase the sensation beyond belief. Explore the various sizes and what you can do with them for a fun, unforgettable dirty sex experience!

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