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3 Ways To Get Your Fantasies Fulfilled

When it comes to amping it up in the bedroom, we all have our own barometers and our own style of doing things. And at the same time, we all have fantasies, don’t we? That’s right, it’s time to be real girls, let’s not pretend any more that you are far too elegant or charming to have sexual fantasies. The cat’s out of the bag. Regardless of how tame, or seemingly not, your fantasies may be, the fact is that you DO have them. And how we handle these fantasies will differ for every woman, because not every woman is bold enough to bring these up to even their most trusted partner. But do you find yourself getting a little antsy about that? Or maybe wondering what you can do to bring it up without feeling silly? If so, you have to your advantage the power of the male sex mind. This mind will ALWAYS be interested in hearing your fantasy, so no matter how you do it, trust us when we say their ears will be open. But even if that thought alone isn’t enough, we’ll give you a few icebreakers that will get the ball rolling for you.

1. Use the “fake friend” approach. This fake friend is very convenient for women that are having trouble verbalizing their fantasies. And the fake friend can be implemented in just about any conversation. She works with you, goes to PTA with you, or simply serves your cup of morning coffee. She’s someone you know intimately enough to have ‘girl talk’ with, but isn’t someone that actually exists. When he asks you how your day went, go through the blah blah blahs, and then casually insert the “oh, you won’t believe the conversation that one of the girls at work brought up today. One minute we’re talking about accounting reports, the next we’re dishing on sexual fantasies!” You can bet the eyebrows will raise, you will get an “Oh really?” in return, and maybe even a “what were you talking about?” as well. You can take it from here, being sure to implement YOUR fantasy into this fake conversation and gauging his response accordingly. Trust us, it will be the response you want.

2. Porn works every time. There is not a man in the world that won’t watch porn, and so this is a very effective tool. Rent a flick highlighting your favourite fantasy, and save it for a special Saturday night. Or, rent some movies with steamy sex scenes and do the same. While you folks are snuggling under the covers and the film starts to flame, just look at him and whisper “would you ever want to do that?” Chances are VERY good that you won’t make it to the finish line of the movie, but you will in the bedroom.

3. Create a fantasy box. This is another fun night activity, just creating the box itself. When you are looking for something to do together, ask him if he wants to stay in and make a fantasy box, just for fun, it was “something you saw on TV”. He will cancel any pending reservations, and enjoy getting right to work on this one. Each of you can write down a fantasy on a little slips of paper. Put as many or as few in as you want, and keep them in your fantasy box. Every time you want to enjoy one…or more….you take turns pulling slips out of the box. You can make this as challenging as you want. Perhaps he has to do something special for you first before he can get the reward from the fantasy box.

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