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3 Ways To Get HIM To Call YOU

Yes, there was a day when we all would sit by our phones and wait for the phone call. Oh, we’d put the TV on, or do things around the house to “feel” busy like we weren’t really waiting for him to call…but we were. Nowadays women have gotten a little more independent, and we don’t really need him to call ALL the time, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped WANTING him to call. We’re still waiting by that phone, we’re just much more subtle about it as we resume our busy lives. Unfortunately today, we live in hyper communication country, and while we are waiting by the phone, we are also stalking Facebook status updates or Tweets from that certain someone. The good news on hour our world has changed is that now he can get in touch with you by simply writing something to you. The bad news? Now he can get in touch with you by simply writing something to you. How can you get him to get over the techno crunch and just pick up the phone to say hello?

1. Be direct. These days, men like a confident woman that ask for what she wants. So just do it. Just tell him you love the texts and hope they don’t stop, but it would be great to hear his voice once in a while. Make yourself a challenge for him. When he sends you a text today, shoot one back that says “loved hearing from you. got a naughty secret I need to share with you, but you have to pick up the phone to find out. Secret expires at 9 PM.” He’ll call.

2. Make your phone calls FUN. If you tend to get into long drawn out rambly conversations on the phone, men don’t like that, so save that for your girlfriends. Make the call about him. With Facebook, email, and Tweeting making communication so EASY for men, picking up the phone is a MAJOR commitment these days. Make it fun by being happy to hear from him, and let him hear that in your voice. Ask about his day, focus on him, and in no time he will be focusing on you. If you make each phone call FUN, he will want to do it more, as he will be less inclined to use the phone to engage in another rambly chat.

3. Make the phone calls EASY. Along with being fun, you want to take some of the work off of him. He doesn’t want to feel obligated to entertain you, especially if he’s had a long day. If he calls you at a bad time, let him know ahead of time so he doesn’t feel brushed off. “SO great to hear from you! I’m running into a meeting in five minutes, but thrilled to hear your voice to boost my confidence going in!” You also want to keep it short, unless you’ve both scheduled a night for chat. This not only leaves him wanting more of you, but again, takes the pressure off of him. It sends the message, a phone call is not a marriage proposal. When you are easy to talk to, you are easy to be with, and that is the girl that EVERY guy wants to keep.

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