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3 Ways To Break The Ice And Get That Date

We live in 2009 and there are not that many rules left in the dating game. Our society has turned into one where just about anything goes, and if you are brave enough to put yourself out into the world of dating, then there are few things that could actually be considered mistakes. Okay, the big ones will never seem to change (cheating will always be cheating), but nowadays, you can get that date just about any way you choose. And you certainly don’t need to be a man to have the honor of asking someone out. But as much as society, industry, and technology have changed, not every single guy or girl has the confidence and the self assuredness to break the ice and pop that first question.

Dating CAN be scary, which is why we need bravery to jump in there, but if you remember that dating is all about having FUN with members of the opposite sex, you will have a much easier time getting past that first convo. Here are some ice breaker tips that will help you overcome that hurdle of shyness and break into the dating scene with ease. Got your eye on someone? Bump into someone cute at the grocery store? Make it happen! Yes, you CAN.

1. Be Chatty. Let’s just say you HAVE seen someone cute at the grocery store and you want them to notice YOU. How do you do it? Remember that the most fun dates you’ve ever had have been where you were yourself, felt like yourself, and were relaxed enough to be yourself. Begin your convo with said cute person by pretending you are already in the middle of a conversation. Be light and casual, and this will make a much greater impression than if you go with the “use this store often?” approach. If you are standing in line with him or her, and see them scanning the tabloids, drop a comment like “oh! Anything good in there! I can’t believe what they are saying about her NOW.” this will strike up a conversation easily, and you can take it from there.

2. Your Cell Phone died. Okay, this one is a little more obvious and more widely used than the tactic above, but make a show of it. Be near said cute guy or girl when your ‘battery dies’. Ask them if they would mind if you used their phone for “just a second!” because you HAVE to make this call NOW. And yes, you are going to have to make an actual phone call, because whether you do or do not, it WILL register on their call list. You can use your own phone number here, with your emergency excuse being that you have to call home to check your voicemail or your boss is going to kill you. After you’ve done so, give a little wink and say, well, now you have my phone number, feel free to use it yourself some time.

3. The Twitter Vice. Applications like Twitter and Facebook are great conversation starters. Now that more phones are offering them on their interface, you have access to this icebreaker at any given time. If you are in a bar, or again, in line at the grocery store, or simply standing near someone you think is cute, give them a nudge when you get a fun Tweet, with an innocent “is that HYSTERICAL or what?” and show them the Tweet that just came in. You want to make sure you are following someone fun, that updates regularly, like Ashton Kutcher perhaps. This will give you ample Tweeting flirt opportunities.

At the end of the day, your flirt opportunities are endless in this day and age. Just have fun with it, and treat your “prospect” like they are already one of your friends. This way you guard comes down a little bit, while your confidence level goes up. And no matter where you are, or who you are flirting with, confidence will always be perceived as very, VERY sexy.

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