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3 Tricks To Better Dirty Talk

Do you want to be a better dirty talker? There are a few simple tricks that might surprise you. They give you an edge on the dirty talk game and are sure to make your partner happy!

Ask Questions. Talking dirty isn’t just about spinning a tale that turns on your partner. It’s about finding out what your partner likes and capitalizing on that. The best way to make that happen is to ask questions!

Go beyond the usual questions of “Do you like that?” or “Does that feel good?” Ask questions that might shock your partner a bit, or might make him or her open up to something even naughtier. “Do you like being tied up?” “How do you want to fuck me?” or “Do you think your tongue can make me come?” are good places to start. You can delve deeper by asking questions about their sexual preferences…do they like it doggie-style? What makes them come the hardest? What is their ultimate fantasy?

And that question leads to trick number two…

Share a Fantasy. Your deepest fantasies are personal, private things. Sharing those fantasies with someone else is giving them a glimpse into the “you” that very few people will ever have the honor of seeing. When you’re comfortable enough to share your deepest desire with your lover, tell them exactly what you want, and exactly how you want it.

Descriptions matter! You’ve seen that favorite fantasy in your head for years. You can taste the sweat, feel the heat, hear the moans. Spell it all out for your lover and watch them go wild as they open this new, intriguing door into your psyche and soul.

Know What You Like. What if you say you don’t have fantasies? Surprisingly, many people will claim they don’t fantasize about anything at all. If you’re one of those people, take a long hard look at what you like in bed…and what you might like, if you were given the chance to try out anything at all. Read erotic stories, look at adult websites, and flip open that old Playboy that’s been gathering dust in the bottom of a drawer. The more sexual ideas you expose yourself to, the more vivid your fantasies will become.

Once you know what you like, you will be in a better position to tell your partner what you want. So don’t just spend time on cultivating your dirty talk vocabulary – spend some time on yourself too, and when you hit on a fantasy that turns you on beyond belief, use it for dirty talk fodder. It’s sure to get interesting!

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