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3 Tips To Prepare You For Your Next First Time

Oh yes, here is a situation we’ve all been in. That “first time” with someone new. And yes, it can be incredibly nerve wracking and stress inspiring to say the least. If it makes you feel any better, the dude is just as stressed and nervous about the situation as you are. And while you may be spending a lot of time reading articles and how to’s and researching all the latest tips and tricks that men love, the fact of the matter is, that when you are just yourself, you will both have a much easier time of it.

The thing you need to remember here is that men don’t fill out report cards on you after the first time. If you pull a few moves that stand out, you may be worthy of a mention at the next guys round table, but he’s not criticizing you the way that YOU are criticizing yourself. There are of course some things to avoid and some things to remember, but beyond that, all you need to do is latch onto his pleasure principle, and enjoy the ride. Take the nerves out of your next first time with these little tips.

1. Be confident. Even when you aren’t feeling it. The biggest turn on for any man is a woman that is confident with what she is doing, and who she is doing it with. The first time for men is not about what you DO, but about how you ARE. Be genuinely excited about this guy! Smile and light up as the disrobing begins. He WILL notice that the very thought of HIM gets your motor running. Your attitude and your confidence will be your biggest tools on this first time. All he cares about in this moment is that you are happy to be there with him, he doesn’t care how many or how few have come before him. Let him know this is HIS moment, and you are thrilled to be a part of it.

2. Don’t be afraid to initiate. Once again, another huge turn on for men. If this is a first time, and a man that is going to lead to be something in your life, then chances are good that more than a few flirty texts and innuendos have crossed your paths. When it comes time for the big bold first time, you can make a move here. How you do so will depend entirely on your own personality. You can go in for a big romantic kiss if you are so bold, as doing so will certainly let him know that intimacy with him is high on your agenda. Not so bold? Just walk by him and brush yourself against him suggestively. Men can be clueless, but this is one signal they don’t stop to think about. When men know that you want them, and you want them NOW, it is very very hot. While they do enjoy being in the driver’s seat, they love a woman that goes after just what is on her mind as well.

3. Get into the warm up routine as much as he is. The truly skilled man will know that women need a little warm up routine before the main event. The man that is good in bed will spend the necessary time here, and your happiness and pleasure will be the only thing on his mind. The truly excellent man in bed will even be sure that you cross the finish line well before he even has a chance. Sound too good to be true? They’re out there. You can train your man to treat you well in bed starting with the first time. When you spend as much time on HIM as he does on YOU in the warm up session, then he knows you are that much into him. Touch him, stroke him, go a little nuts on his earlobes, use your hands and lips on him while he is taking such good care of you. It sends the message to him that you are digging him as much as he is digging you, and that you DON’T expect him to do all the work. Again…very hot.

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