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3 Steps To The Dirty Talk Bandwagon!

So you want to talk dirty and get some action going on…but the person you are checking out across the bar is a complete stranger. All you know about them is that they are hot, and they keep looking your way like they expect you to do something to bring both of you a bit closer together.

Now is the time to test out those dirty talk skills. But wait…with a perfect stranger, you might ask? Yes! Here are the three steps to the dirty talk bandwagon…all aboard!

1. Touch. When you approach that stranger, don’t hesitate to touch them. But do it in such a way that you are not confrontational…rather, you want to invite them to touch you, too. A simple kiss on the cheek, a hand run lightly down the back, or touching the shoulder for a moment before letting your hand drop will be enough of an indication of what comes next. If the stranger gives it back to you, great! If they seem to be nervous or pull away, move on to someone else. The point here is to get laid, right? Not to toy with someone who doesn’t know what they want.

Which leads us to the second point…

2. Seduction. You know what you want. It’s probably showing in the way you look at the stranger in front of you. If they respond to your touches, don’t be shy about encouraging more. Whispering into their ear, letting your hand linger on the thigh, or leaning close enough that they can feel your body heat is a good start. If they are drawing you in and talking to you in that low, seductive voice, you know you just might score.

3. Talk dirty! Start out with teasing and flirting. Compliments always work. When they answer back with a teasing question of their own, heighten the innuendo. “Is it hot in here” is a cliche, but unbuttoning your top button while smiling and saying, “We must be naughty…it’s getting hot as hell in there” is a much better route! The more dirty talk you can throw in, the better you can gauge their response.

Soon you will be taking their hand and leading them to someplace a bit more comfortable…and then the dirty talk games can truly begin!

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