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3 Reasons Why You Need To Book Vacation Sex Right Now

There is something about vacation sex that makes people happy. Even just thinking about vacation sex makes people happy. In fact, the first thought, whether admitted or not, for many couples that plan a vacation together is the thought of the sex, that they will have on their vacation. Vacations for many couples are in themselves almost synonymous with better sex. An entire vacation surrounding the celebration of brand new nuptials has been based around this very notion. And perhaps this is even why many new couples feel so deluded with their sex lives after they have been home and in the routine after a while…but that’s a whole other show as Oprah would say. Ever wondered why this is though? If you know why vacation sex is so hot, you may be more interested in putting it back into your life. Regularly. And you don’t need a platinum Amex to give you and your honey a little getaway from the everyday.

1. It’s not just sand or sun or drinks with umbrellas. Hot vacation sex can occur in a Bed and Breakfast with a wood burning fireplace a block away from your house if you want. It’s the sense of freedom. No bills are coming your way, no annoying phone calls ensuring coitus interruptus, and no job to rush to when you wake up in the morning. This is liberating. And very libido enhancing. And when you are feeling THIS free, not only is the frisky factor amped, but so too will your repertoire. Something you have been wanting to try? Just one more reason to book a getaway.

2. Your brain actually changes on vacation. We take vacations to relieve stress. With this freedom comes the freedom from stress. In order for us to have an orgasm, men or women, this brain center needs to de-activate. The center of our brain that is responsible for us even feeling stress changes when we go into a state where we remove immediate stressors – phones, bills, car problems, jobs, kids, etc. So when that is de-activated, we have better sex because we are climaxing more often. Better and more orgasms? Do you really need to keep reading more reasons why you should book a vacay?

3. Your body chemicals go to work when you go on vacation. We have a little pleasure chemical that our brain shoots into our blood stream known as dopamine. This has many many functions, but when dopamine levels are high, you are feeling very very good overall. Happy even. Guess what levels decrease when you are under stress? That’s right. By eliminating the day to day stressors in your life, even briefly, your dopamine levels skyrocket making you feel great. So your sense of arousal is heightened. Now you are getting better and more frequent orgasms faster. Still need more reasons? If you do, then you have only proven that you haven’t had a vacation in a very long time. And you need one.

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