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3 Pointers To Give Your Orgasms A Little Boost

For some people, orgasm assistance is not a concern. In fact, frequent orgasms are just the boost they need, and help is not required. But there is a large part of the population that has difficulty achieving orgasm, or have been with the same partner for long enough that things have gotten a little stale. The very best orgasms occur when you are relaxed and having fun, and very often the act of sex has become so routine, that just reaching the finish line is the focus, with little to no attention paid on how wonderful that finish line crossing can be. Even those that have the best orgasms could always benefit from learning a tip or trick that can make good orgasms even better. Are you craving those explosions you had early in your relationship? Try these pointers and see if your next orgasm can feel as amazing as your first.

1. Don’t fake it. Yes, this is an easy trap to fall into for many women. Sometimes just “doing it” and finishing the deed is all one can think of in the chaos of daily lives, so we fake it a little bit to just speed things up. The only person you are selling short here is yourself. There ain’t nothing like the real thing honey, so instead of pretending that the finish line was amazing, why not just close your eyes, take a big breath and enjoy the ride. Focus on those good feelings until they are so good they explode. And that is what you can call a good orgasm.

2. Bring a Third Party. Sound a little kinky? Well, this can get as kinky as you want it to be. Your third party doesn’t need to be a human being, you only need to introduce an additional element that will help you along. In this case, an investment into a sex toy or naughty play thing can be just the trick. If it has a motor and is battery operated, all the better. Vibrators and sex toys are wonderful resources for the girl that has a hard time hitting the finish line. They not only speed up the process, but they teach you what you like, and what you don’t like. Bring one into bed with you and your partner, and have a little experimentation session. Don’t be shy, your partner is very interested in learning this newer side of you as well. When they learn what works with you, they are going to be that much more inclined to try it themselves.

3. Realize that perfect sex doesn’t exist. The beautiful passionate love making moments you swoon over on the big screen simply don’t exist. Those scenes are created on a set with up to hundreds of people watching every move, with every 5-10 seconds of film time being on a stop and go movement to get the right shot. Those aren’t true lovemaking sessions, so stop hoping your experience is equally amazing. Perfect sex just doesn’t happen the way you vision it will. When you realize that perfect sex occurs when BOTH of you are left breathless and panting, how you reach that point will be the joy of the ride. Focus on what really makes the two of you feel great, not on what your love session should or shouldn’t look like.

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